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Embrace hybrid learning, expert urges schools

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By  Victor Ayeni

An education expert with the Lagos State Ministry of Education, Marta Jesulake, has called on public and private schools to adopt hybrid learning as an alternative learning method for students to improve their learning outcomes.

According to a statement on Friday, Jesulake made the call during the June edition of EdTech Mondays, an initiative of the Mastercard Foundation in partnership with Co-Creation Hub, held in Lagos.

She said blended learning, an approach to education that combines online educational materials with traditional place-based classroom methods, would make learning exciting and interactive.Related News

She added, “With blended learning, barriers such as the high costs of expansion and infrastructure maintenance, among others, would become shattered, thus enabling students to learn quickly and conveniently. With blended learning, we are creating spaces for teachers to dedicate more time to their learners. Besides, it also reduces the barrier to access to education, including continuing to learn virtually in case of emergencies.”

The expert also urged the government to support teachers with training opportunities that would ensure that they and their students became fully aware of its significance.

She added, “With the Covid-19 pandemic, we began to see that it’s possible to learn outside the four walls of the classroom. So, I want to believe that our teachers can be supported with requisite training if we are ready to embrace this new shift. For example, the Lagos State government is doing a good job training teachers. However, I think a lot still needs to be done.”

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