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“Sure Adaobi Alagwu’s Child not for My Husband”, Bola, Billionaire Tunde Ayeni’s Wife Reveals

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Ar Gold rush is what happens when a chorus girl spots a man with a bankroll. Think of the chorus girl as Adaobi Alagwu, Abuja- based young lady, and the moneyed man as billionaire businessman, Dr. Tunde Ayeni. Bet in her rush for gold and filthy lucre, Alagwu never factored in the presence of Mrs Biola Ayeni.

Adaobi Ajagwu

While Alagwu postured and paraded herself as Ayeni’s preferred belle and the newest Mrs Ayeni in town, she never imagined she would encounter her nemesis in the real Mrs Ayeni – a trained attorney, an accomplished fashion designer and queen of the billionaire magnate’s homestead.

To Alagwu’s chagrin, her petulant plot to present herself as a younger wife to Tunde Ayeni backfired ultimately because the latter’s wife trusted him too much to doubt his fidelity. Biola never considered Alagwu much of a threat to her marriage despite attributing paternity of her daughter cum alleged love child to him.

Interestingly, she is hardly seen and rarely heard. Yet, Biola is the fundamental force behind some of the savoury successes of the billionaire businessman, lawyer, and former chairman of the defunct Skye Bank, Olatunde Ayeni. When Ayeni is junketing the world, closing deals, and breaking new grounds, Biola, the irrepressible nexus holding their close-knit family together, is with the kids wherever their education takes them, and praying for her husband’s success and  safety.

Being married to one of Nigeria’s wealthiest men comes with a lot of perks and attention; the envy of friends and associates who would give a limb to swap places with you for one day; the cynosure of eyes at all gatherings; luxury vacations in the world’s most scenic destinations; private jet travels; luxury shopping at the ritziest fashion capitals; servants at your beck and call and a whole lot more.

However, Abiola is no trophy wife; she met Tunde at the Law School but she didn’t practice for too long to concentrate on taking care of the family. So, beyond the facade and fame of billionaire Tunde, she knows her husband more than anybody else. Hence, she stated without equivocation in a recent interview
she bares her mind on several issues including the travails of Nigeria’s fashion industry and rumours of her husband’s alleged infidelity. Excerpts…

Q- Married to a billionaire whose business tentacles spread all over the world, this certainly comes with challenges. What is the experience like?


married to a successful man will definitely come with its own challenges but how you manage everything that comes with it makes you a happy and fulfilled person. I woke up to that reality early in life when my husband started moving up the ladder of success and tended to travel a lot. Initially, I felt ‘this is not what I bargained for in marriage.’ But I had to tell myself, ‘If you have a husband that is always at home, you will not get some of the comforts you enjoy! It is the choice life has made for me. And I had to adapt. If you ask those whose husbands are home and around all the time, they would probably tell you that they prefer to have a husband who is hardly around but provides them with all the comfort they desire. The earlier one understands that finding satisfaction in what life throws at you is the only way to be happy, the better.

It was one thing for me to come to terms with this reality and it was another thing to make our young children understand why their father was hardly around at home. When Iyiola was in kindergarten school, his graduation from nursery clashed with his sibling, Bolaji’s school A-Levels exam in London, and I had to travel for a week to stay with her for that period. I told my husband to ensure that he attended Iyiola’s graduation but a meeting came up that he needed to attend on that day and he tried to delegate someone to attend the meeting. So he told my sister to attend on his behalf. Iyiola went to wake his dad up in bed early in the morning and said: ‘Dad, you mean you won’t be at my graduation?’ He was about four years old at the period. My husband said he was compelled to shelve everything and attend the event because the way the boy put the question to him made him feel like he was about to commit a crime. At that young age, Iyiola knew how to demand his rights. Sometimes, he came home insisting that his dad had to come and pick him up from school because his friends’ dads used to come and pick them up, and he didn’t understand why his father couldn’t do that. I had to sit him down and explain to him that his friends’ fathers are not in the same line of business as his dad. The fact that your father doesn’t pick you up from school doesn’t mean he loves you less, I told him.

were some of the challenges I faced because of his business. I passed through the phase of suspicion of extramarital affairs, checking phones, and insisting on accompanying him on trips and I grew up to see that those were mere traps and distractions that destabilise marriage. I finally realised that the best way to watch after your man is through prayers.

One thing you have to understand is that a handsome, successful and prominent man doesn’t have to be a flirt for him to start cheating on his wife, because even if he doesn’t chase women, women will chase him and if they don’t, friends will influence him. And in these days of desperate girls using diabolical means to seduce innocent men, only a naive wife would fight her husband over his dalliances with other women. These girls even go as far as trying men of God! So when married to a successful man, you can trust your husband with everything but not with women! It’s time to shift that trust to God concerning your husband. He will not allow him to hurt you or let you down

What is the greatest sacrifice you have made in life?

R- You just hit something. The greatest sacrifice I have had to make in life is having to give up my own career as a lawyer to obey my husband’s directive to stay with the children because we can’t both be leaving home very early in the morning to run after money. We can’t leave the children in the hands of nannies. However, when I see some of my mates who are now Judges or Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN), the sacrifice hurts. But I thank God that my children are well-mannered and are doing well to the glory of God. Interestingly, I have found fulfilment in the line of business I chose for its flexibility and the opportunity it allows me to be around my children.

Q- Because of his prominence, he is always in the news. Only recently a lady, Adaobi Alagwu alleged that your husband is the father of her baby. How would you react to such news and how has it affected you?

Let’s take it one step at a time. Thank God you said because of his prominence he is always in the news. When a man is successful you know, he will have a lot of enemies and they would write a lot of things about him. When you have made a name, you will become a target for traducers. And that is when it’s good for you to know whom you are married to. It is important to know the kind of person you are married to. There was some publication about some incident and people started calling me about it. They asked me how I was feeling or coping and I told them that I was fine. I don’t listen to what they say about my husband outside and I don’t need anyone to tell me who my husband is. I have my husband beside me. When I need to clarify things, we talk about it. We don’t hide anything from each other. I prefer to hear it directly from his mouth no matter how bad. He has no reason to lie to me because he knows I will stand by him anytime, any day. Thus no matter what anyone says about him, it doesn’t bother me.

I know my husband has a good heart and he will stand by you through thick and thin. Once you are his friend, he becomes loyal to a fault. And even if you decide to make yourself his enemy by letting him down or cheating him, he would never seek your downfall.

My husband can be too trusting and I warn him every time that it is not everyone that would reciprocate the goodwill he shows towards them. But I see that he can’t change himself. It is his nature so I simply pray that God gives him a discerning spirit, in order to know who to avoid.

As for the impostor you mentioned, I will not glorify her by calling her a lady but somebody’s child. Because the age gap between her and my husband makes it more of an insult to refer to her as a lady. Her matter is not something I want to entertain.


per your question on how I reacted to the news of her claim, truth be told, the first thing I did when I heard the news was to check with God if truly He would fold His arms and let anyone destroy a home He used His hands to build and guard jealously for 31 years and He told me that her claim is untrue and I should disregard it. In the end, the truth will prevail. The young lady knows the father of her child. And when I checked with my husband, he told me the child is not his! God has spoken and my husband has also spoken, nothing else matters. So, I am not moved by naysayers or rumours about her claims.

Q- She is claiming in Abuja that she is Mrs Ayeni and that her child is a daughter of Ayeni, how would you react to that?

R- I am not surprised the so-called girl is parading herself to be who she is not; by so doing, it becomes clear that she is a desperate gold digger and a slut who thinks she can become Mrs Ayeni by merely pinning a child on her highest paying victim. And it is quite surprising that despite her degree in Law, she needs somebody to tell her that a child is not a marriage certificate! Neither does a child offer her security to maintain a fake lifestyle that she has become accustomed to. And to now think that the child does not belong to my husband makes her claim even more embarrassing. Anyway, she has been warned through our lawyers to desist from parading herself as Mrs Ayeni because she is not and she will never be as the Lord lives. My husband and I are legally married

As for her calling her child by my husband’s surname, Ayeni is many. The child is not Tunde Ayeni’s child. Period! When she is tired of calling the child the borrowed name, she will change it to her father’s name.

Q- You mentioned that your husband is quite generous and has a good heart and people take that for granted to say different things. It is alleged this particular impostor gets things from different men and claimed it’s your husband who buys her all this stuff…

cuts in) Let me tell you something, I didn’t want to go to this length before but since you asked, I will answer. Here is my take: It may appear as if my husband’s name is always associated with messy affairs with one lady or the other, but it doesn’t change my opinion of my husband and you cannot convince me that my husband is a flirt because I didn’t marry him as a flirt. Even if you show me all the evidence of how many women he has been with. Why? Because money makes a man misbehave. Friends make a man misbehave, and strange women seduce men with all manner of Jazz (juju) to make a man misbehave! Rather, I pity my husband as an unsuspecting and naive victim of the level of desperation and diabolical tendencies of this runs girl he got associated with. Even with his fellow men, my husband is too trusting. So, you can imagine the level of his nonchalance and how it led to such a mess. How can a man who is happily married and in his right senses be spending lavishly on a prostitute of that age?

Such magnitude of spending should raise the question ‘In return for what…five-minute pleasure?’ When spending becomes unusual, you should suspect that a man is under a spell. So, whatever she claims my husband bought for her, she knows what she did to get it from him. But that season has ended. I promise you.

To answer your question on whether the allegation has affected my marriage or my home? I am happy to let you know that Christ is the bedrock of my home, he has built a wall of fire around it and I can confidently assure you that my home is not threatened. My marriage is standing solid. My husband’s love for me is not threatened and he is not lost. My children are unmoved by the claim and my husband has no children outside of the three we have together.

Q- Do you have any advice for young ladies Out there


advice is that they should marry their own friends and know what their husbands are capable of doing or not doing so that they can properly defend them. In addition, build your home on Christ, not on trust. Trust may fail you along the line! When you marry your own friend, it is easy to see their pain and struggles rather than their faults, and this helps you to render them the necessary support they need to live up to your expectation. That support is prayer. You cannot have a successful man or marriage without being prayerful.

A lot of people get into marriage praying for their husbands to be rich without being prepared for all the things that accompany success. You need to know who your spouse really is. If I didn’t build my home on God and put my trust in Him; if I didn’t have the wisdom to differentiate an action that is my husband’s from what he did under some undue influence, the enemy would have succeeded with their plans. But I thank God for His faithfulness in my life and that of my husband and children.

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