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Lagos Socialite. Okadigbo goes back to the memory lane at the 2023 and 5th Ramadan lectures and in remembers of his late parents late Chief & Mrs Oladeebo, in prayers session, the success of May 29, 2023 at Abuja, for our incoming president elected Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu swearing in and his reasons for empowerment while extolling the virtues of some bureaucrats; Editor-in-Chief; Jane Osamor was with him as he looks into the future of the state especially as it involves politics.

What is the rationale behind this event sir?

first of all, let me introduce myself; my names are Alhaji; Comrade Oladeebo Olaide Mutiu a.k.a. Okadigbo.

What inspired this lecture series on Ramadan?

I am a Muslim by birth and really, I dedicate this Ramadan lecture for my late parents and that is my father and my mother late Chief & Mrs Oladeebo and our president elected Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu swearing.

Assuming that they are alive I would have tried to do a lot of things to make them very happy but since they are no more, I look at a special period like that of the Ramadan festivities as a way of saying thank God I can still be of value in so many other ways not previously known. I lost both of my parents at a very tender age however I vowed that every Ramadan season I will celebrate them.

I also thank God for the life of our father and mentor; Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the good legacies of services to God and all of mankind that he is putting in place so far in his lifetime. I pray that the effect of this legacy will be felt nationwide and that is why we are all particularly very elated about his recent victory that got him elected into office as the President Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We have never experienced this type of election in Nigeria but glory be to God that our father Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was very successful and this is why I have decided to celebrate for his success and for his life as a human being and a leader.

I also want to appreciate the Governor of the state; Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu whom I fondly call Mr Projects as he has stood out of the pack; for using his good offices to pioneer a lot of projects in Lagos state of Nigeria.; this is aside from the second term God granted to him and with wisdom to go along with his office at handling his official duties.

In Agege here; we thank The Honourable Speaker of the Lagos state House of Assembly; Rt Honourable Mudashiru Obasa; who by all standards and reckoning is a man of the people and whenever we thank of him, we remember him with a lot of respect and reverence because he has done a lot for this Agege and its immediate communities. I continue to pray that we will enjoy this type of leadership within the Agege area and Lagos at large; we mean go to Agege Pen Cinema right now then you will have a deeper understanding of what am talking about in terms of progress for the people but this was different from the situation we had on the ground at least 7 years ago and my prayers for him is that he will still emerge the Speaker in Lagos state again so that he can still do a lot of things in that capacity for the people.

We also thank God for the life of our indefatigable Secretary to the state Government; Mr Tunji Bello who has done a lot in touching our lives here in Agege as he has done a lot in spreading his tentacles all over the state and as am talking to you today, we have more than 100 people working at the Ministry of Environment and for this we will never forget him. This and so many other reasons are why I will continue to celebrate this Ramadan lecture in honour of my humble but now departed parents and the good of this great country Nigerian.

Before I actually gained admission into the university, I had lost my mother and since My mother was late, I had to be meticulous in my actions but in the time that I was with my late father he had told me that I should always be honest and be my brother’s keeper and never attempt been selfish in my approach to life in its entirety as this will go a long way in elevating me and people in life.

So, I took it upon myself to listen to my daddy and followed his instructions and in trying to alleviate the people the lass’s privilege’s, I started with the Marwa people, I am not in any road Union or a union member.  but I named my Marwa Olaide Oladebo Okadigbo foundation, Olaide Oladebo Okadigbo Empowerment I have a lot of men that are trained on how to use the Marwa am talking about 4decas now. I see a lot of ladies moving around with little or no future ambitions as they move around town and when I ask them questions, they tell you that they are going to a club sex slave. I seat down one day imagining what to do for these ladies that are going to the club and Motels, I say to my seif high time I put these ladies in the right trac. so, I went to Faaji F.M. Radio Station to make public announcements that if any woman is willing to attend our training on how to ride Marwa we were willing to empower her with Marwa.

Am probably the first person at least to the best of my knowledge in this state that has trained women on how to ride Marwa and empowered them with Marwa, I can assure you that they are what you can proudly call a success.

I have trained at least 120 women who can afford to ride Marwa as a means of transport and putting food on the table for their respective families and I beg to say that they are all hear today celebrating with me. I also brought 120-wheel barrows for Mallams still counting that we have helped to train and they are called Olaide Oladebo Okadigbo Mallam Boys and now they are my friends and anytime we are doing things like this program they are here to celebrate us and in the course of my works I spread all of my tentacles to all of our regional bases that is why you can see Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba all seated to celebrate with me. and you can see that our event is filled to the brim with a lot of faces and that is because of what we have done in the society. They have come here to celebrate us but I can assure you that the almighty God will celebrate them; amen

This your Empowerment project; does it have a political undertone?

No! If tomorrow comes who knows what can happen; if God permits and I have the chance to serve the people why not but by the special grace of God I will never seek to change my character if I become a public servant.

What are your suggestions to the state government in the parts of employing the youths?

My advice to the state government should try to re-integrate the people in the state as during the recently concluded general elections most of our Yoruba people voted against us and this, I will attribute to issues bothering on low intelligence quotient; I can tell you that the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Transport employs not less than 100 people each and the more people you have the better.

We also plead with the government to send messages to all the local government areas in the state so that all our youthful population could be employed so that the likes of obedient or whatever they call themselves will not seize the initiatives from us.

Akewu Gba Gold is a man of great wisdom and this is why I have invited him to preach the gospel of peace within and outside of our environment hence it is not strange to see people enjoying his lecture over there and that is the truth.


Iyaloja Generals Representative speaks to a cross section of the Lagos press on the importance of maintaining a high-level hygiene in the market; editor-in-chief: jane osamor, was at the event; excerpts.

My advice to them is that they should continue to move forward as there is no way they can do things without God’s proper guidance and I do believe that God will pay them back in their own coins and same goes with the children as well.

Where our leader is at the moment, he went to beg that it should be well with Nigeria as he is not currently in the country and for sure it will be well with Nigeria as a nation on one side and of course the incoming President and his administration.

In taking care of the market as far as the issues concerning sanitation in the environment is concerned it is an everyday phenomenon; anybody that comes to the market in the morning by the time it gets to the evening he will help sweep up his or her surroundings and then put the remains in the nylon for the waste disposal people to take care of eventually; They will also do with switching off the electricity before going home for the day. My name is Iyaloja Iba and Am representing the Iyaloja-General; Chief Mrs Folashade Tinubu-Ojo


Good afternoon, Madam what is your name?

Mrs. Oluwafunmilayo Falana and by the special grace of God I am one of the leaders amongst the women folk of those riding Marwa as a means of transport in Agege Area and its environs. But as a way of putting food on the table. We have a registered body called THE QUEEN RIDERS ASSOCIATION.

What our friend, mentor Okadigbo is doing to empower people most especially ladies, alleviating poverty, what do you have to say?

I am elated and very happy with what our boss, Okadigbo is actually doing for our people and it is my prayers that God will continues to support him. It has been at least six [6] years or more that he has being deeply involve in this project which has not just brought us joy but given us succour in our community here in Agege. The lessons for me that I have learnt from him is that he is always willing to help people in every possible way and this is the type of men that we desire to associate with at all times we had gotten a message from him on radio that those among us women with no jobs should endeavour to come to Agege for a training programme. When we came to Agege as heard from the radio he spoke to us and N500 00 was what we used to collect the forms on an individual bases at that time. He usually checks to know how we were coping with life generally aside from buying food for us and then he will continue to advise us about life. I used this period of Ramadan to pray for the continual success of our boss, Chief Olaide Oladebo Okadigbo and that God will continue to bless and honour him and that his own children will meet with helpers, I also pray that any thing he lays his hands on will be blessed by God, he made me and lot of us in queen riders association.

Olaide Oladebo Okadigbo Does Not Disseminate

 Iya Adini Fadeke Lawal Agbesingba, she has been a driving change in her communities and the country at large as a successful Muslim woman leader, she is an outstanding leader among women marked by uprightness and integrity speaks with Jane Osamor at the Ramadan lecture stage by Olaide Oladebo Okadigbo.

What is your name, madam?

Iya Adini Fadeke Lawal Agbesingba, the promoter of Islam religion from Oyo state

Can you shed some light on developments at today’s lecture?

Alhaji Olaide Oladebo Okadigbo is a very good man and he loves to help the people at all times, he does not disseminate against people and nobody cries to his place and comes out crying and we pray and hope that God will continue to support him.

What is your impression of today’s events ma?

I am very happy that it has help and what it also means is that all of our prayers are being answered by almighty God. The Organiser he is a nice man who gather people for success he believe that we need to help each other to grow the person of Alhaji Olaide Oladebo Okadigbo,  I am very elated to have been part of this year’s programme here today, I learn a lot from the preaching of  the two great preachers by the special grace of God by next year the program will be better than this thank you.

Ramadan fasting period, it’s a time for spiritual reflection

Can I meet with you sir?

My name is Oba Oluwaponile Ademola Afetiluye, the aree of Ipee Kingdom Osun State

What is your name madam?

Kindly throw lights on what is going on in this event today?

I am so happy seeing what is happening here today it is very over whelming to listen to these two great preachers they delivered the word of true without missing a word, Ramadan fasting period, it’s a time for spiritual reflection, is it the preaching from Akewu Gba Gold or the chief Imam, central Mosque Tabon Tabon, Agege do I want to comment on I am very happy I didn’t miss this programme, I pray come next year it going to be great and better.

What is your take home from today’s?

The lessons I learnt there today are numerous and the word of God that we heard made us to know the reasons while God created us into this world and it made us to know the purpose of our existence in Ramadan lecture there today, I learnt a lot of lessons, we need to imputes them into our daily actives.    

It’s A Good Thing To Pray For One’s Parents Whether They Are Alive or They Are No More

Alhaja Boladale Badumus A.K.A B.B. hotel, she is one woman that have a large heart that can contain as many as possible who has been so helpful in women fold and a strong business woman to core that has been run a hospitality for about two decade now successfully with integrity. Her humanitarian is non to the next     

My name is Alhaja Boladale Badumus A.K.A B.B. hotel.

What is your opinions on today’s event?

I think it is a very good thing to pray for one’s parents whether they are alive or they are no more, I think it is a good thing. Our parents are actually out God after our real creator and so it is a good thing for both Muslim and Christians.

What is your take home from today’s?

I learnt various kinds of things and in fact from the preachers who gave quality sermon about life and it’s challenge’s on how to surmount them, spiritual impartations and some things that I did not know I got to know them as well.

Akwu Gba Gold The Mouth-Piece of Allah

The significance of every Ramadan lecture is to enlighten our Muslim brothers and sisters to do better in the area of laying emphases on mundane things of life like the buying of exotic cars. If you buy exotic cars this will lose its value with time but when you raise or empower people it will remain with us and after. Akwu Gba Gold who was the key note speaker at Hon. Olaide Oladebo Okadigbo Ramadan Lecture and prayers 2023, he told us a story about his visit to Arafati in Saudi Arabic were a couples of young man walking on foot and the elders, Akilapa told us that even spirits from under world had visited. And God only visit earth during Arafet prayers with angel Jubril leading the worship and there is period at Arafat that you have infestations of house flies and other insects like grasshoppers when they come like that you will not even know where they came from and an Arab man told him that they do not bite anyone at all. There is a lot of miracles and wonders in Islam, mystery beyond human comprehension more so, he spoke on a woman that sells thread in Mecca from wool to threading but there is a difference between this her thread. If she was not enabling to sell it all on that particular day, she will lose the thread back to wool by the following morning she will start reproducing back from wool to thread again to sell for that day. Why should a man go back to sin after the celebration of Ramadan festivities like the woman in mecca? What is going to remain for you after this Ramadan? Anybody who thinks that only his family members can be of a blessing to him or her that he has specifics in mind that person will not grow. If you want to grow in life, be willing to support others to grow. He also spoke on one of their sermons when it was revealed that Lagos could be taking over by Igbos but we were not taken it seriously if you do not have any enemy be rest assured you cannot be promoted in life. When there is too much lies and it is not challenged it will become the truth.

There should be no discrimination or division among the people

What is the name sir?

Alhaji Abdulrazaq Alim Giwa, the Chief Imam, central Mosque Tabon Tabon, Agege

Based on the question you asked for us as Muslims since the Ramadan Lecture is almost coming to its ending?

We should leave meticulously and not recklessly; we should take the Ramadan lifestyle to the period when we will not be fasting.

What is your advice to government being a Muslim leader?   

The government should also learn to carry the people along at all time. After the government it is God, they should look into the people because the sufficing is too much, there should be no discrimination or division among the people before the governments.

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