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Ramadan Lecture 2023 Leads Prayers For Three Women of Great Insights and The Presidents – Elects

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Jane Osamor

Hon Richard Adedamola Kasunmu well known as [ARK], member representing Ikeja constituency II, Lagos state House of Assembly the speaking on the virtues of the late Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji, his mum who was an educationist Chief Mrs. Arafat Abiodun Kasunmu, his late amiable Godmother Chief Mrs. Olukemi Nelson [yeye Sewa] at the Ramadan lecture 2023 in their memories which is the maiden edition. Jane osamor, editor in chief of fabulous international magazine was there. He also prayed for the success of May 29th swearing of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu being installed as president of Nigeria. He made us to know that the Ramadan lecture we witness there at LTV 8, blue roof Ikeja today will be a yearly event.

The Ramadan lecture and prayer 2923, it is in memory of his late matriarch late Alhaja Dr. Abibatu Mogaji, she was the grandma to Hon Richard Adedamola Kasunmu, member LSAH, who dead 10 years ago, he finds it worthy to do this annual Ramadan lecture for 2023 in their honour, to kick start the maiden edition. To continue educate people the tenancy of what she has led on grand also replicating the good life late Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji, lived before she passed away, she lives a very good live, very spiritual life and she was a generous people who loves to give, give and give, hence the Topic generosity in Islam. late Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji, Example because she lived that live to fullest, you can give mama 10 million today mama will spend 9,900 million within ten minutes given out to people the remain100, 000 thousand, she will keep for herself that she will not give to anybody that is late Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji, for you she has helped thousands of people to build themselves, she helped so, more people grow women, men, olde and young just name it and she was a very fantastic fashionista.


The tolerance in me not having to stretch this for this long I have to tolerant a whole lot of things around. I prayed for her today Allah will continue to bless her and rest in peace in His bosom as what we have learnt from her has helped us to tolerate situations. I am very happy to say that I have also imbibe that spirit of given. We have centred this lecture on the exemplary life of Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji and we pray hope that people can pick up useful lessons from it. Chief Mrs. Olukemi Nelson [yeye Sewa] who imbibes generosity helping people, educating and building both women and men to high profiles.

My mum Chief Mrs. Arafat Abiodun Kasunmu who was an educationist per excellent, who as special likeness for helping people also as touched a lot of live in her time, educating people, making way and making life comfortable for people. all this happened because of the tenancy and the believes that she has been given the education, the background from where she picked it is very obvious, even in the light of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu it’s obvious his someone who love to give and gives just to safe the next people.

I am happy to say that to the best of my ability I do the one I can, I may not be able to be a good judge of how much I give or intensively I give but the little that I can I do. and I know that I have people that have also benefited one thing another from me in teams of generosity. There is something I always say in my name you will find a statement and the statement is very sample the nickname is ARK of random…, the statement replicates what I do in any of my given time on the stress or on our roads. Specially children hawking late at night I don’t like it even morning when there should be in schools same time, I support them. This are virtues that we have obvious learnt from we parent we wants to keep it going that is while we celebrate the likes of Alhaja Dr. Abibatu Mogaji for living an exemplary life of which we have centre on today lecture so, that it’s would not be beneficiary to us has a family member but to entire citizenry as a whole. We pray and hope that by next year Ramadan Lecture we could have as much has 2, 000 or more people in attendance, I will say am impress.

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