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These Are The 8 Documents Needed To Apply For An International Passport In 2024

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An international passport is a crucial document that allows you to travel outside of your country. Whether you’re going on vacation, studying abroad, or traveling for business, an international passport is necessary.

However, obtaining an international passport is not a simple process. There are several requirements that you must meet, including providing certain documents.

The process of obtaining an international passport can be quite daunting, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, with the right information, you can make the process easier.

Documents Needed To Apply For International Passport:

  1. Birth Certificate:
    The birth certificate is a foundational document required when applying for an international passport. It serves as primary proof of identity and citizenship and it is a vital piece of documentation that verifies an individual’s date and place of birth.
  2. Letter From A Guarantor:

A letter from a guarantor is another essential document required for the international passport application process. This letter serves as a formal assurance provided by a trusted individual, often someone who has known the applicant for a significant period and can vouch for their character and integrity.

The guarantor undertakes the responsibility of confirming the applicant’s identity and attesting to the accuracy of the information provided in the passport application

  1. Passport Photograph:
    A passport photograph is a crucial part of the documents needed for an international passport application. This small yet significant image serves as the visual representation of the passport holder and is affixed to the official document.

Adhering to specific size and format requirements set by the passport issuing authority, the passport photograph captures a clear and recent likeness of the applicant.

  1. National Identification Number (NIN) Certificate:
    This document serves as a means of identification for every citizen and has no age limit. This is issued by the governments of many countries to track their citizens.

The inclusion of the NIN certificate in the passport application reaffirms the individual’s connection to their national identity, contributing to the overall integrity and authenticity of the international passport issuance.

  1. State of Origin Certificate:
    Another important document in the application process for an international passport is the State of Origin certificate. This official document confirms an individual’s native state or region within their country.

It is issued by the relevant governmental authority, the State of Origin certificate is a vital piece of information that contributes to the comprehensive profile of the passport applicant.

  1. Marriage Certificate:
    For those who have undergone a marital status change, the inclusion of a Marriage Certificate is a pivotal requirement when applying for an international passport. This official document serves as legal proof of a person’s marriage and is crucial in updating personal records to reflect the change in marital status.

7.Police Report:
The inclusion of a Police Report is a critical component in the documentation process for obtaining an international passport. This official report, issued by law enforcement authorities, serves as a testament to an individual’s criminal background, indicating whether they have any pending legal issues or outstanding warrants.

The Police Report is essential for maintaining security and ensuring the integrity of the passport issuance process.

  1. Parents’ Letter of Consent:
    This is particularly for applicants who are minors or dependent on their parents or legal guardians. This formal letter, typically signed by the parents or legal guardians, serves as an affirmation of their consent for the minor to obtain an international passport.

It outlines the details of the child’s identity, provides information about the parents or guardians, and explicitly expresses their approval for the passport issuance.

The documents needed to apply for an international passport are not difficult to obtain.

However, it is important to ensure that the documents you provide are valid and up-to-date.

Some of the documents required may take some time to obtain, so it’s advisable to start the process early to avoid any delays.

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