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Betta Edu: Humanitarian ministry may have been created to siphon public funds — Peter Obi

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•Betta Edu and Peter Obi

The Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has stated that the Humanitarian ministry may have been created to siphon public funds.

Peter Obi also supported the suspension of Dr Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, reports Nigerian Tribune.

Also, Obi welcomed President Bola Tinubu’s directive to investigate the suspended minister and the ministry’s activities, as Edu is under investigation for the alleged fraudulent diversion of N585 million in public funds.

In a statement last night titled, ‘The Betta Edu and Related Cases,’ Obi expressed his approval of the government’s action, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive investigation to ensure accountability.

Obi stressed that the suspension should not be merely symbolic but should serve as a means to hold all those responsible accountable.

He said, “I like to add my voice with most Nigerians concerned about accountability in government and judicious use of public funds, I welcome the suspension of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Ms. Betta Edu, and subsequent directives for her investigation.

“While the action of the government is a welcome development, the investigation must be comprehensive so that all those culpable are brought to book.”

He highlighted the unfortunate coincidence of Edu’s alleged diversion of N585 million and the ongoing investigation into the former minister in the last administration, Peter Obi, for misappropriation of N37 billion.

Obi raised concerns about the ministry potentially being used as a conduit to siphon public funds under the guise of aiding the poor.

He found it disturbing that funds intended for poverty alleviation during a time of severe suffering were missing. He criticized the ruling elite for their immoral and insensitive actions, stealing from the poor while entrusted with public welfare funds.

Peter Obi said, “The suspension of the Minister should not be a window-dressing action but should be a peg to get at all those who Peter Obi are deserving of blame and punished just like the Minister.

“By a sad coincidence, the alleged fraudulent diversion of N585 million of public money by Ms. Edu broke almost at the same moment that the Minister who held the same portfolio in the last administration is Peter Obi is being investigated for a whopping N37bn misappropriation.

“The Ministry may have been created by the system as a conduit pipe to siphon public funds while using the poor as a face. Equally worrisome and disgusting is the fact that the missing funds are meant for poverty alleviation in a time of severe suffering among the people.”

Calling for a thorough system-wide investigation into reported fraud and corruption cases among high government officials, Obi urged the government to urgently address public sector corruption. He joined fellow Nigerians in emphasizing the severity of the issue and the need for immediate attention.

He added, “Unfortunately, a ruling elite that can shamelessly convert, divert, or misappropriate such huge sums meant for the poor cannot be trusted to address the severe poverty ravaging the people.

“It is not only immoral but also insensitive for those entrusted with funds for public welfare to literally steal from the poor.

“I call on the administration to use these cases to initiate a thorough system-wide and systematic investigation of all reported cases of fraud and Peter Obi corruption among high government officials in the country.”

“I join all Nigerians in calling on the government to accord the problem of public sector corruption the severe urgency it deserves

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