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Emeka Ike’s ex-wife claims he’s a drug addict, says she contemplated suicide during failed marriage

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Suzanne Emma, the ex-wife of Emeka Ike, has claimed the actor’s drug addiction was one of the factors responsible for the abuse she suffered in their marriage.

In 2017, a Lagos Island customary court dissolved their 17-year-old marriage over incessant battery.

Last week, Ike alleged that Suzanne made him lose his properties worth millions.

The actor also denied ever beating his former wife. He claimed she orchestrated false accusations of assault, leading to the dissolution of their marriage and the closure of his “N480 million investment”.

Reacting to the claims on the #WithChude podcast, Suzanne alleged that Ike used methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system, during their failed marriage.

Suzanne claimed their children discovered the drug kits in the house and informed her.

She alleged that Ike’s drug addiction was responsible for their financial struggles.

She also claimed that the actor once told her that “smoking marijuana” makes him “sane”.

“We could not even finish our buildings and all that because of his drug use. We could not make things out of life. We could not do anything. We could not plan. We could not go ahead without plans because of his drug use,” she said.

“I did not know he was taking drugs. It was when my kids came back, they told me their dad takes drugs. (He takes) met whatever. They said they found the paraphernalia. And that made me realise why money would finish. That is why we would plan ‘This money is coming in. We are going to do this’ and then all of a sudden money is gone.

“I am not a medical person. But I think it might have. Even when I found out he used to smoke marijuana I had kicked against it. But he said it is what makes him sane. He said it is what calms him down. And he tried to make me understand that it is medicinal. It is okay. He needs it. But I do not know.”


“I attempted suicide three times. I once jumped out of a moving vehicle. He did not say all these things. The church will send pastors to our house. And he was out there, I am in the bathroom. I want to slit my wrist. I had bought a pack of blades. And he and pastors were out there banging down the bathroom door,” she added.

“He would describe you like you are not worth anything

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