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Actor Ezekiel Atilola turns okada rider, begs for help

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Ezekiel Atilola, the Yoruba movie actor, has become a commercial motorcyclist popularly called okada rider. 


Atilola, who starred in several Yoruba films including ‘Tombolo’, was spotted in viral photos and videos riding a bike.

In the footage, the actor was seen wearing a native dress with a helmet on his head and a cardigan wrapped around his neck.


It was alleged that he has been making ends meet as a bike rider since 2013 in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital.

In another clip, Atitola was seen pleading to Nigerians for help.

“I am the one. I am Tombolo,” he said while responding to questions from an interviewer.


When asked why he resorted to riding a bike, Atilola said: “Everything in this life is in God’s hand. And a man must not run beyond his destiny. Because God holds all things. He distributes it as he likes”.

“He is merciful. I know that one day God will show me mercy. I ask for mercy. I do tell God to tear off my mockery clothes.”

Reacting to the viral photos via Instagram, Jaywon, the Nigerian singer, promised to assist the ace actor with the sum of N200,000.

Jaywon also shared a video call conversation he had with Atitola, wherein the actor was seen walking inside a house with a leaking roof.

He also called on the public to help Atilola.

“Special appreciation goes to those who send me a DM. My team, @iledarefoundation, is now in contact with Mr. Ezekiel Atilola, a popular Yoruba actor in the TOMBOLO movie, and some money has already been sent to him,” Jaywon wrote.

“We appeal to the general public to come to his aid.”

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