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NUJ, Poland Media Association Forge Agreement To Strengthen Journalistic Cooperation, Exchanges

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In a significant move to bolster media cooperation and exchanges between two nations, the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the Poland Media Association (PMA) officially sealed an enduring partnership through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The central objective of this historic MOU is the establishment of the “Journalists House,” which will serve as a hub for fostering collaboration and understanding between journalists from Nigeria and Poland.

Leaders from both organizations participated in the formal signing ceremony, symbolizing a pivotal moment in the journalistic fraternity of the two countries. Dr. Christopher Isiguzo, President of the NUJ, inked the MOU on behalf of the Nigerian Union, while Mr. Marek Traczyk, President of the PMA, represented the Polish side. This landmark event was witnessed by an assembly of journalists hailing from diverse corners of the world, who were present to commemorate this significant accord.

The momentous agreement transpired as part of the ongoing Belt and Road Journalists Forum held in Beijing, China, convening leaders from over 80 Journalists Unions and Associations spanning all six continents.

The comprehensive MOU outlines several key elements. This entity, jointly established by the Nigeria Union of Journalists and the Polish Media Association, is intended to facilitate media exchanges and cooperation between journalists from Nigeria and Poland. Moreover, it welcomes the participation of financial intermediaries and associated institutions from other countries interested in this collaboration.

The Nigeria-Polish House of Journalists will enhance Nigeria’s interregional cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries to jointly promote exchanges and collaboration among journalists from Nigeria, Poland, and other Central and Eastern European countries.

The Association of Polish Media commits to providing support and assistance to Nigerian journalists residing in Poland, whether permanently or temporarily. Simultaneously, the Nigeria Union of Journalists will extend support and assistance to Polish journalists residing in Nigeria, thereby fostering a spirit of camaraderie and mutual aid.

The press organizations of both countries are poised to actively organize bilateral and multilateral seminars, training, exchanges, and exhibitions, whether in-person or remotely. This initiative welcomes the active participation of interested journalists from other nations.

Both the Association of Polish Media and the Nigeria Union of Journalists are determined to introduce the cooperation mechanism of the Nigeria-Polish House of Journalists to their members and partners through various channels to garner more support and engagement.

This MOU signifies a remarkable leap forward in media collaboration between Nigeria and Poland. It holds the promise of deepening professional relationships, fostering mutual understanding, and promoting cross-border journalistic excellence. The signing ceremony at the Belt and Road Journalists Forum in Beijing serves as a testament to the commitment of both nations to advancing global media cooperation.

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