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Emily Millionaire Cosmetics’ Received A Courtesy Visit From Chinese

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by Jane Osamor

From a veteran cosmetician and pioneer Nigerian beauty products manufacture’ Bishop Joe Brown MD/CEO Emily Millionaire Cosmetics’ it was a through back time of the days when Emily Millionaire was the rave of the Nigerian and West African fashion and beauty scene. This was on the occasion of the courtesy visit he was paid to him recently by representatives of his longtime foreign business associates namely Huabao Industry a Chinese company who have be partnered with him for decades now.
Speaking on behalf of the delegation’ an assist to the MD she said they were here in Nigeria to show appreciation to a longtime friend and business associate Mr. Joe Brown. He declared that they visit is not only on courtesy but also in business related to showcase their new products to him and affect their are and their will be friendly with the supply because that it was the forthrightness and its innovative business relations pioneered by Nigerian businesses men like Joe Brown that has blossomed to the robust and all-encompassing businesses relations between Nigerian and Chinese business men and women.

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