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He Battled With His Health Which Made Him Fly To The US – Bishop Reveals How Odukoya Died

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By Chukwuani Victoria 

The presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), Bishop Mike Okonkwo, has revealed that the founding pastor of Fountain of Life Church, Taiwo Odukoya passed on after undergoing a medical procedure in America

Okonkwo, who played the role of spiritual father and mentor to the late Odukoya, made this known whilst preaching during the church’s Sunday service.

Recall that the Fountain of Life Church had on August 8 stated via its official Facebook page that its founder passed on in the United States.

But giving further information on the sad development, Okonkwo told his congregation that Odukoya battled with a health challenge that resulted in him flying to the US for medical attention.

While not disclosing what the health challenge was, the bishop said he underwent a medical procedure

According to the International Dictionary of Medicine and Biology, a medical procedure is “an activity directed at or performed on an individual with the object of improving health, treating disease or injury, or making a diagnosis.”

Okonkwo explained that Odukoya chose not to reveal the sickness to the congregation in order not to cause panic.

His words, “I believe that, and some of you may be wondering that probably we should have come to church and announced that Pastor Taiwo was having some challenges with his health.

“Probably, the reason he didn’t want this to go out, was he did not want to raise unnecessary alarm because he walked to the United States by himself.

“I was in his house, he came to my house, and I was aware he went there (to the US) by himself so he believed there was no issue raising alarm; the leadership was already aware and because of it, I did not want to really disturb him.

“Even when he went for his medical procedure, I still spoke with him and so all hope was high that he (Pastor Taiwo) would soon be out.”

The cleric added that after the medical procedure, the US doctors advised that Odukoya should rest a while, adding that after that, he was later informed that he was dead.

“But the only thing is that the doctor wanted him to rest, and I came back and told all the leaders, saying look, he must be allowed to rest and that’s it.

“Even I that traveled couldn’t see him, I only spoke to him once and when I had what the doctors said, I didn’t want to border calling him every day.

“So, you can understand the shock I had when the call came in the morning of Tuesday to say that he has gone to be with the Lord,” he added.

Okonkwo told the congregation that the only answer and the only place they can find solace as people of faith is from the scriptures.

“I want you to know that things happen to us, and when it does happen, our position is to trust in the Lord,” he said, urging the church to continue the work that Odukoya left behind.

Recall that in November 2021, Odukoya’s wife, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, died after battling cancer.

Nomthi became Odukoya’s wife after the death of his first wife, Bimbo – a leading relationship speaker.

Bimbo was involved in a plane crash.

The cleric’s funeral service holds on September 9.

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