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Police To Provide Taekwondo Training For Officers

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by Jane Osamor

The Commissioner of Police, Lagos, Mr. Idowu Owohunwa, has announced plans to provide training in Taekwondo for the purpose of self-defense during the course of duty for police personnel.

He made this known while addressing the audience at the decoration ceremony of 1,400 recently promoted officers, ranging from the rank of Inspector to Assistant Superintendent of Police.

The CP also lauded the achievement of police officers who secured victory in a competition held in Delta State, resulting in their laurel win.

He further urged himself to initiate strategies for the training of officers and personnel in the art of Taekwondo.

“Lagos is known for excellent.. You have shown resilience, commitment and courage by winning the medals and bronze. At Lagos State Command, I think we can leverage on the excellence with the deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of operations to discuss on the possibility of enhancing our operational capacity.

“The training of our men on Taekwondo, will add value to self defense capacity of Officers and men of the command, so in the coming days we would be engaging you towards possibility of having trainings that will expose officers and men of the command through technicality you have perfected so that an average policeman will be exposed to taekwondo and apply it for self defense which will help them in the line of their duty.”

The Commissioner, though, mentioned that if there’s one thing that truly uplifts a police officer’s spirits, it’s promotion. This is because it serves as a significant source of motivation for the officer in question.

“Aside this, the greatest honour I never expect as a leader in the command is to sur over the promotion of my officers who have demonstrated consistent professional excellent, good service record and moral strength to discharge their duty.

“This is the highest I will be decorating as the commissioner of Police in Lagos, today we Will be inducting one thousand four hundred policemen to the officer cadets of Nigeria police. It means a lot, there is a wide gap from being an Inspector to Assistant Superintendent of Police.

“You all are now officers of the police, no more diserted police, the new rank comes with other obligations in terms of professional outlook, ability to dissert complex security issues and take decision that will align with the law and now there is no more excuse in your duty.

“The Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetokun has said it over again since he assumed the office that promotion under his watch will now be based on merit and seniority. This set is the first that will benefit from the policy, I want you all to be proud that you earned it on merit.

“The IGP’s stand on professional ground and he want us all to do same, excellence should be our watch world at all time. I appeal to you to see the promotion as another steps in your career, I always believe certain values brought you here don’t want you to change the values and your character.”

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