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God is Coming Down has of Old to Deliver Nigerians – Bishop Edoro 

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 Bishop Dr. Joseph Ighalo Edoro is the Senior Pastor of A Touch From Heaven Ministry, Iju Road, Ifako ijaiye. He spoke with EJIKEME OMENAZU and JANE OSAMOR about the ministry and its outreach programme, tagged, ‘Power As Of Old’, coming up on August 19 at Ifako Stadium, near the General Hospital, Agege. He also spoke on the biting economy as it affects the needy, among other issues. Excerpt:

 Your ministry will be holding a crusade on August 19 tagged ‘Power As of Old’. What informed the theme of the crusade? 

That is the theme chosen by the Holy Spirit. This is the third in the series. It is an annual event. God said He is set to do the signs of wonders of old. There is going to be deliverances, healing and miracles. The theme of the conference came to me in a night vision, years ago. 

What shall Nigerians expect in this year’s event? 

God is expected to come down as of old. People are disillusioned, thinking that God is no more alive because of the myriads of challenges facing the nation vis a vis severe hunger, kidnapping, ritualistic activities etc. God is saying, ‘The only way I can prove my presence is to bring my power of old back’. When they see it, they would know. Those who want to adjust will adjust, whether they be government officials, individuals or communities, when they see the hand of God. Basically, all the great things God did in the biblical days that people seemed to have forgotten will happen again. ‘Power of old’ is an agenda God has given to His servants in faraway Panama, America, and other parts of the world. 

What will be the major high points of the crusade? 

We will engage in a lot of praises to the Most High God. Remember the Bible enjoins us to enter His court with Thanksgiving and His Gate with praise (Ps100-4). A lot of guest artists are going to perform. God said all the people praise me and the ground will yield an increase (Ps.67:5-7). After we must have secured the presence of God , we will now begin to share foods, including noodles, clothes, shoes, bags and household utensils to the people, like Jesus did with two fishes and five loaves of bread. 

How prepared are you for this outreach? 

We are fully prepared logically. In the area of transportation we have mobilised enough vehicles for those coming from far places. We have arranged for adequate security. We have fully prepared spiritually and physically. 

What do you see as the way out of the challenges being faced by Nigerians? 

Remember the children of Israel were once under the task masters in Egypt before God heard their prayers. What we are facing today in Nigeria can be aptly described as ‘Justice is lost in the street, equity cannot enter’. People that are supposed to take care of us are not doing so. That is why Nigeria is like this. But I know God is not sleeping. I know the purpose of God will still come to pass. A day will come when you will wake up in the morning and see the power of God as of old. People are wondering whether the Lord is alive or not. Like a dream of the night, you will see what the Egyptian magicians called the finger of God (Exo 8:19) in Nigeria. People forgot that we fought a war before in Nigeria. Nigeria could have been engulfed in flames if not for the prayers of the saints. 

What is your ministry doing for your members to cushion the effects of the biting inflation? 

We are doing our best. Every month in this ministry, we organise a Food Support Project. We cook and distribute food to the vulnerable members. We also empower our members to start businesses. We also counsel them on the need to find something to do. Where is the money? We are doing it for the love of God. Who can separate us from the love of God? Not tribulations, not trials, not death, apostle Paul said in all these. ‘We are more than conquerors.’ 

What would you say are the major challenges facing your ministry? 

There are many. We have challenges ranging from finances, disloyalty, breaking away, slander and envy. 

How are you coping with these challenges? 

I used to pray for divine wisdom. I have always been careful in this way. I handle everything in our ministry alone. I virtually do everything for everybody. I am not a full-time pastor. I still work and do business. I spend my money on the advancement of my members. If the business they want to do, I take care of them is verifiable. If you call 10 people here they will confirm it. The life of the ministry cannot be separated from the prevailing economic conditions. Nowadays few people that are paying tithes are the people who are fundamentally led by the Spirit. 

What is your advice to people in full time ministry? 

I don’t believe in full time ministry. There is nothing like that. Look at our New Testament mentor, Apostle Paul. He was a tentmaker. Most of the Apostles were fishermen, tax collectors or carpenters. Jesus himself was a carpenter. In the ministry, God gives you, there is no capacity, you are the capacity. I tell you one secret in all our outreaches: we never collect offerings. lt is only in this one we will collect offerings. It depends on the leading of the Holy Spirit. Me who is going to provide five loaves of bread and two fishes to the people, why should I task the people? God has been blessing me. 

Who among the God’s Generals in Nigeria is your mentor? 

Bishop Mike Okonkwo, the Presiding of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) is absolutely and without equivocation my mentor and my father in the Lord. I have been a member of TREM for many years. Papa Okonkwo ordained me as a minister of God. I inherited my boldness from him. 

Do you have other branches in Lagos? 

I don’t believe in having branches. I am not called to have branches. I am a ‘one man riot squad’. I don’t like relating with people. I am not a saint. I am a traditional Christian of old. I follow my calling strictly. It was only recently I was made a Park member of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). The day I met Bishop Okonkwo, he said, ‘Son, what are you doing now? Are you opening a church?’ I said, ‘Daddy, I have no church’. I am not called to church planting. I believe in supporting small-small churches to grow. Not long ago, I built a massive Cathedral and gave it to ‘Love Family

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