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Sent.Elisha: We have been very kind to you in this chamb despite the noise you make-Akpabio,

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Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio, the president of the 10th Nigerian senate, recently commended Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo, who represents Adamawa north federal constituency, for his contributions to the chamber. Despite Abbo’s tendency to create noise during debates, Akpabio acknowledged that the senate has been supportive of him due to his youthful perspective. In fact, Akpabio expressed pride in Abbo’s recent speech.

According to the Senate President; “senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo, you will agree with me when I say that that this senate has been very kind to you despite the noise you always make here. In this chamber, we tolerate you because of the youthfulness in you. Sincerely, I am very proud of your speech today.”

During a senate screening session, Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo advocated for Dr. Bosun Tijani, whose past social media activity was brought to light. Abbo defended Tijani, referring to him as an orphan without any political backing, and emphasized that Tijani’s online posts were merely expressions of his passion for the country. Abbo noted that the president had recognized Dr. Bosun Tijani’s work, leading to his nomination to serve the country. Abbo believed that this nomination serves as an invitation for Nigerian youths living abroad to return home and contribute to the nation’s progress.

He continued, “distinguished Senators, I want you all to see what Dr. Bosun Tijani, who is an orphan without a godfather, did on social media as an expression of his passion for the country. what I see about Dr. Bosun Tijani is that the president has recognized his works which is why he got nominated to serve the country. This nomination implies that the president wants Nigerian youths who are abroad to also come home and work for the country’s development.”

Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio praised Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo’s role in the senate, despite his occasional outspokenness. Abbo, in turn, defended Dr. Bosun Tijani during the screening process, highlighting his passion for the country and lack of political support. Abbo also interpreted Tijani’s nomination as a call for Nigerian youths abroad to return and contribute to the nation’s development.

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