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Balance work, play for children, NGO tells parents

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By  Grace Edema

The Founder, Live Abundantly, Dr Ama Onyerinma, has advised parents to encourage their children to read, while also not stopping them from having time to play.

Onyerinma made the call on Tuesday  at the ‘Young Creatives Circle’ held in two schools in Lagos –  Dodan Barrack Nursery and Primary School and Ikoyi Primary School.

Onyerinma said there was a need to encourage children to read more storybooks, especially as the long holidays approach, adding that it was important to infuse other forms of creative learning into education.

She said,  “Parents need to spend time out with their children and identify the things they are passionate about, get to know their children and engage with them and read to them.

“How I wish we have libraries where children can borrow books to read. You don’t put children in front of TV from morning till night, and don’t stop children from playing; we don’t allow children to play enough in this country.”

Onyerinma argued that failure to encourage children to read was tantamount to “failing the next generation.”

She explained that the Young Creatives Circle was aimed at motivating and showcasing the creativity of pupils.

“It is imperative we infuse education with other forms of learning to encourage children to express themselves in a creative manner. We have the population, and if we are going to show them the intellectual property of this country, we show it at a young age, support children.”

A member of the Board of Trustees of the NGO, Mr Peter Armand-Boyo, encouraged the learners to write stories, saying they could be made into film production.

Assistant Manager, Dodan Barracks Nursery and Primary School, Mrs Caroline Adeniye, where Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga’s book titled, ‘Madisa and the Runaway Cat,’ was read to the pupils, said, “This book reading is an eye-opener for the children. Most children don’t read, but Fiyin is helping them to read. Fiyin coming here will encourage children to read and write their own books.

“Parents should encourage their children to read more books, and more motivational books that will help them to discover themselves. Parents should buy more books for their children because parents in public schools don’t buy books.”

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