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Regent school applauded

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By  Deborah Tolu-Kolawole

Regent School says it has been adjudged to be an outstanding school by a team of British Schools Overseas inspectors commissioned by the United Kingdom Department for Education in England to inspect and accredit British international schools outside of the UK.

Sunday PUNCH reports that for a school to be recognised by the Department, a British school overseas must have an inspection report which shows that its performance against all the BSO standards is at least satisfactory, which reflects the standards required for continuing registration as a school in England.

A statement on Friday partly read, “Following a successful BSO inspection, schools will be allocated a unique reference number on the UK’s national school reference system, Edubase. Schools are judged against eight standards and are rated on the following continuum: Grade 1: Outstanding; Grade 2: Good; Grade 3: Satisfactory; Grade 4: Inadequate.”Related News

According to the statement, the Chief Inspector, Dr Mark Evans, who inspected the school on behalf of the UK Department of Education, said, “The Regent Primary School is a friendly and vibrant school that provides a very high standard of education and care. It has made excellent progress since the last BSO inspection. The students attain high academic standards and have loads of fun as they learn.

“The teachers, too, clearly love being with their classes and there is much laughter to be heard. The students are safe and confident; this allows them to learn fast. The standard of English language and writing is very high. Relationships between the school and parents are strong, and effectively inform school planning and further the welfare of the students.”

The Proprietress, Amsa AbdulRazaq, expressed delight that the school’s objective of being at the top had been “achieved with a resounding confirmation by the UK Government through the Department for Education.”

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