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My marriage… With Lanre Makun

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By  Sharon Osaji

How did you meet your wife?

I met my wife when she came to do an ushering job at AY Live Show in 2008. Although we met then, we did not start a relationship until 2014.

What attracted you the most to your wife?

She was very beautiful during the ushering job; among everybody present despite the crowd at the show, she stood out for me.

How did you know she was the one?

I prayed about it and asked God to make everything difficult if she was not the one for me. But everything went easy and smooth; no hassle whatsoever even to date.

How long did you date before proposing?

We dated for seven months before I proposed to her.

How has marriage been for you so far?

I am truly a happy man and I am blessed with a lovely wife and my lovely adorable daughters: Myra Makun, and my twins — Nicole Makun and Nellie Makun. Marriage has been sweet for me and I sincerely bless God for it. Related News

 How has marriage changed you as a man?

Nothing much, only that it has made me more industrious and focused in life.

What’s the most exciting thing about your marriage?

My kids and the love I enjoy from my lovely wife.

What do you love the most about your wife?

She is cool-headed and business-minded. My wife is a goal-getter, whatever she puts her mind to do, she does it well. She is a good cook and most importantly, she loves me for who I am.

 How do you balance your career and marriage?

When I am less busy I always spend time with my family than hanging out. Sometimes I take them out to wherever they choose.

What’s your advice to singles?

Marriage is sweet when you are with the right person. Also, people need to know that they would have misunderstandings but how it is resolved is what is most important. No relationship works without sacrifice and forgiveness.

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