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Chrisland varsity holds maiden inaugural lecture

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By  Grace Edema

Chrisland University, Ogun State is set to hold its maiden inaugural lecture.

A statement by the university said the maiden inaugural lecture, titled, ‘Interests,’ would be delivered by a renowned professor of Political Science and International Relations, Babafemi Badejo.

It added that the lecture is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, at the university auditorium.

“This momentous event will showcase the knowledge, expertise, and achievements of Chrisland University’s esteemed faculty, setting the stage for a new tradition of intellectual discourse and inspiration,” the statement said.

The institution’s Registrar, Mr S.B. Omotosho, stressed that he was pleased to inform members of the community that Chrisland University was once again making history, adding that the event was open to “members of the university community, friends, and well-wishers (of the varsity).”

He said, “As part of the university culture, a member of the teaching staff, who is appointed or promoted to the professorial grade, is required to deliver an inaugural lecture to announce his/her appointment. The inaugural lecture is one of the legacies of global university traditions, and it is an opportunity for newly-promoted or appointed professors to inform colleagues in the university and the general public about their research careers so far, and update them on their current and future research directions.”

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