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Lafarge Africa Opens Bag Manufacturing Plant At Ewekoro Cement Plant

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As part of its commitment to continuously drive excellence and innovation in the manufacturing industry, leading innovative and sustainable building solutions company, Lafarge Africa Plc, has opened a state-of-the-art cement bag manufacturing plant at its Cement Plant at Ewekoro, Ogun State.

Utilizing the best technology that exists globally, the new bag manufacturing plant features cutting edge and state of the art machinery and equipment, is the first of its kind in the country, and allows Lafarge to reinforce availability and handle large scale production of bags in a safe and efficient manner.

According to Khaled El Dokani, Country Chief Executive Officer, Lafarge Africa Plc, the move comes as a great joint venture with one of the best bag suppliers in the country, implementing the top technology in bag facility and production.

“We are using the best technology that produces the most efficient and durable bag in Nigeria. It is a very great day for us at Lafarge Africa. I would like to extend my appreciation to the contractor, the suppliers, the community and the employees of Lafarge Africa. I look forward to more and more success from this project,” he said.

In the same vein, VishantDalamal, Managing Director, MDV Sacks Ltd., said: “I am proud to commission our new project today in partnership with Lafarge, this project is a significant milestone for Lafarge. We have brought in the latest technology and equipment to provide the best quality and service of bags and I look forward to partnering more with Lafarge.”

In addition to a well-equipped plant with cutting edge technology, a team of experienced engineers and technicians work tirelessly to ensure that the plant is operational at full capacity and the bags produced meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

With an installed capacity of 8.8 million bags a month and 105million to be produced yearly, every aspect of the manufacturing process is carefully planned and executed, from the raw materials to the finished products.

The company has adopted a climate-responsible approach by reducing the CO2 emissions both in the bag manufacturing and distribution process and carefully addressed environmental concerns with plans in place to recycle bags and promote a circular economy model.

“Guaranteeing the supply assurance for bag is the first critical element and very important value for Holcim is the sustainability element. This would provide sustainability, such that we are delivering to the final consumer, a very sustainable product that is green, hence we are not only taking care of the consumers today, but we are also taking care of the generations yet unborn,” says Saeed Ande, Procurement Director, Lafarge Africa Plc.

According to him, the new bag solution is in response to the need for a more robust packaging solution that will reduce the potential for damaged bags and wasted products.

“This is new technology which MDV have installed and what that means is that we can have reduced wastages and then we can have good quality in terms of reducing the number of burst bags we have on the line,” Ande said.

Aside enhancing the company’s manufacturing capacity to meet the increasing demand for quality and safe cement bags, Lafarge’s new state of the art bag manufacturing facility will contribute to already established efforts to improve livelihood and create job opportunities, especially for the Ewekoro and adjoining communities. Currently 254 persons out of which 60% are from the community have been employed directly and 184 people have been provided indirect jobs from supply of building materials and logistics rentals to labour work.


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