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Igbo Businessman Killed By Abductors After Collecting N10m Ransom

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 By Abimbola Ogunnaike

Ikechukwu Simeon Ebelebe, an Igbo philanthropist and business man based in Lagos, who was kidnapped in his home town of  Owerre-Akokwa in Ideato-North LGA of Imo State upon returning home was killed after his abductors collected N10 million from his family.

According to the story posted on social media, he was murdered two weeks ago and the Police recovered his body and deposited it in a mortuary. His body was identified in a mortuary.

HIs remains were found in a bush in Orumba South LGA, Anambra State. It happened that the locals reported a foul smell in the area and upon investigation, found a body that the police confirmed was indeed his.

The irony is that when he was about to go to his state, he was told the Southeast is not safe by his relatives and some of his staff to wait a bit, he told them he has prayed and fasted and that everything will be fine, that he can’t run away from his land.

“If we don’t stop being cowards, speak up, confront and get our land back from those that brought militias and doom to us, we will go homeless. The once safest land for her children will go dust.

The social media message reads: 

“The man in this post is a major employer of labour based in Lagos. His full name is “Mr. Ikechukwu Simeon Ebelebe” while his business name in Lagos is Divine-Iyke.

He was kidnapped in his hometown – Owerre-Akokwa in Ideato-North LGA of Imo State when he went home for village meeting.

“He also owns a foundation that cares for the elderly and the needy in the East.
His foundation name is “Divine Iyke Foundation for Humanity”

Attached are some of the free medical outreaches he has singlehandedly done in the East for the elderly and the less privileged through his foundation.”

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