Home News ‘’Ganiu Lateef Eleda Is A Cultist, Killed Police Officers, Stole Their Guns’’ – Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina

‘’Ganiu Lateef Eleda Is A Cultist, Killed Police Officers, Stole Their Guns’’ – Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina

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reports that a real estate merchant and  Chief Executive Officer of Omolamina Global Ventures Limited (OGL), Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina popularly known as Sir K Oluwo has denied planning to assassinate one Ganiu Lateef AKA Eleda.

In an interview with this publication earlier today, Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina revealed that Eleda’s accusation is borne out of his desperation to cover his atrocities which includes attacking Imota police station, killing of a police officer and carting away three rifles last week.

Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina explained that Eleda is a notorious cultist who has been declared wanted by the police at the state and federal level following his incessant attacks on police officers and innocent citizens.

‘’Last week, we heard that Eleda and his group were caught in Agbowa with plenty of bags, they attacked policemen in Imota police station, killed one ASP and collected three rifles. They have been running helter-skelter since then. His team members are Dada Doyin, Seki Adamo. Since then, Eleda has been spreading false information that I want to kill him.’’

‘’They can’t deny it, they are the ones that collected Guns from policemen, and this is the second time they will be doing it. Last year, they attacked RRS at the same point and went with two guns. This time around we want to support policemen to retrieve those guns because they will be using it to terrorize us.’’

When asked of his relationship with Ganiu Lateef AKA Eleda, Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina made it known that he has no business with the suspected criminal other than being a victim of his atrocities. Otunba narrated that Eleda invaded one of his estates in Ogun state and killed his staffer named Ariyo. He mentioned that Eleda mutilated his corpse and his body wasn’t found till 14 Days after.

‘’I don’t have any business with Ganiu Lateef Eleda, he is a criminal and leader of a cult gang. On January 19, 2022, He invaded my estate in Iraye village, Ogun state with his members and killed one of my staffers named Ariyo. He was mutilated and we saw his corpse in a bush after seventeen days.’’

‘’He has been terrorizing people, you can go to Ogun state police command, He has been declared wanted there. He attacked police officers there and killed them with gun.’’

Speaking further, Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina challenged Ganiu Lateef Eleda to report his assassination allegations against him in any police station if he is sure of his claims and not afraid to appear before the police.

‘’I have no business with him and if he suspects anything, he should go to the nearest police station to report. He is a notorious criminal known in Lagos and Ogun. You can confirm at Elewe-eran. Luckily, they were able to kill just one police officer during the last attack. The others recognize the people that attacked them and one of them, Dada Doyin has been identified already.’’

‘’I am a director of my company, I have no business with a cultist but I have the evidence that can prove that they are cultists. I have downloaded the documents that can serve as proof. I have videos, pictures of their cult operations. If he thinks I want to kill him, he should go to any police station and make a reports, He can’t because he has been declared wanted by the police both at the state and federal level.’’

‘’This is not a land matter, I have necessary documents for all my landed properties. On the particular estate he invaded, the family members went to court but withdrew the case when they saw that my documents were confirmed. It’s not a land issue at all.’’

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