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By Jane osamor

In this piece, editor- in- chief, Jane osamor speaks via a press interview with the Chairman of Onigbongbo Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Hon. Oladotun Olakanle speaks on a project on going many have termed a legacy project or a landmark in his tenure of office. He tells
Fabulous International Magazine on what it takes to be a great servant of the people as he explains bit by bit how he was able to implement, execute to build a project which was slated to be completed in 18 month but will now come to an end in a year due to the quality of work putting into it by the contractors, excerpts.

Kindly tell us some of the reasons why your pull down the old structures, rebuilding a new structures?
I did not just pulling those structures down, because if you are very familiar with the structure that is on ground before now you will have discovered that the structures could no longer stand the test of time. Then secondly you can confirm that the structures, were haphazardly built, that is the structures that were pulled down were bungalows and seriously short off accomodating our teaming staffers. As a welfarest I cannot fail my staff, see our teaming working class staff seating under the tree, under canopies because of lack of enough accommodation in the LCDA. We did not just factor that in, we had to some how find a way to accommodate things and that was why we quickly went to do our area office Abule at least while their we will ask questions on what happened to the occupiers of where we are putting up a building construction. We did not just hold on, we quickly built an area office in Abule and that is where all of them are now as we speak.

Kindly tell us more about this change in the LG premises and why it is needed to wear a new face, because as we can see it’s spacious and there other things in place?
Well, if I start to tell you the difference with what I am building right now, I do not want to be too sugar coated it with my mouth, but I can tell you for free that you can see that now that we have not yet finished the constructions still under elevation that is to show you that they have created more space and I can tell you for free again that whatever space that we are going to create now there, if the original structures has been factored in then it will be unfair and that is where we are going to have the issue of this side will do 2 stairs, this side over here where we are seated will do 3 stairs elevation. You can equally say that what will come up now will comfortably have a hall not a private hall that will allow people do their things of conserve we will have a private registry. Our people can come every day including Saturday for their private registry needs to do their reception else where so we discovered that it is not a complete marriage registry set up and so we have factored in here a hall, a sizeable one that can take up to 250 people comfortably. So that at the end of the day that will be a great source of revenue for the council where we are seating here which is an open hub as well as an indoors hall. This are modifications and at the end of the day we are going to join up the 2 structures together with a collective with a single staircase.

This is a brilliant project you are doing right here sir, what is that thing that is really motivating you Chairman sir?
Well, let’s me correct any form of impression for anybody that it is futuristic you will always have to think of what you have to put in place one of my greatest drives that is putting has to do with the fact that even if I have the opportunity to run which I pray I am given the chance to run and come back for a second time. Anytime I am ready to leave this environment I can’t go with it and so if tomorrow comes you will come back here to say that it’s a very good project, executed during the administration of Hon. Oladotun Olakanle, apart from that we do not have to do a structures that will be haphazardous structures we will have to do something that will be befitting, time oriented and stand the test of time.

When are you expecting this beautiful edifice may seeing the lay out to be commissioned?
By the special grace of God the time for the commissioning of the project based on the earnest of the contract awarded is 18 months, I have set and discussed with the contractors that I want and also pray that I want the project completed within a year and he has promised that it is something that he will achieve in 10 month from now. This structures you are seeing here right now is just 4 month old, looking at the fact that they were unable to do anything in January, February 2024, were are in March, but now they are all back to the project site working as we did not have the budget on time. God willing in 7 months time, by October, 2024, I want to believe that we should be done with this and am saying October because towards the end of the land itself we are planning for a city building
So we are only waiting for us to complete this parts, maybe the hall most especially so that the occupiers of the land will move to the hall, to enable start the city building.
We will have a good legislative and as well as an administrative block.

Recently in your LCDA Hon. James Abiodun Faleke, just commissioned an edifice of 15 classrooms, 3 teaches room, 2 room for the headmistress office, with computer room stocked with 48 piece of laptops all the floors with 6 room of convenient or rest room in each floors powered with solar energy, in your time, kindly share your feelings towards this with sir?
Well, like I said yesterday been Sunday I was highly elated I feet very good and happy even though I was not in any way surprised with the structure in place, because when you see a natural giver giving out something’s you will know that it is something that he or she is used too or acquainted to. I was very happy because all the Honourable (Rt. Hon. James Abiodun Faleke) has been doing in terms of class of activities that was commissioned just yesterday was the biggest. In terms of facilities, in terms of structures, in terms of amenities that were given and I have had no choice on behalf of the person that I too receive the kudos and the army cantonment especially and for the General Officer Commanding, (G.O.E.) to be in full attendance, you cannot fathom what that meant to me, so what a great day, I pray to God to continue to give Oladotun Olakanle and Rt. Hon. James Abiodun Faleke, the wisdom to pilot the affairs of the people.

Still on the project that is on going in your secretary’s, how much involvement is rt. Hon. James Abiodun Faleke?
Not at all, this is primarily on the council.

Your name once again?
The Hon. Oladotun Olakanle, the Executive Chairman, Onigbongbo Local Council Development Area. (LCDA).

Do you have anything you want to add to this interview?
What I will say is that Nigerians should continue to pray for the president, we are at a cross road in our national life but I do believe that at the end of what appears a dark tunnels, there will be light. Let’s Nigerians continue to be patient with the Mr. President and I can tell you that today there is a lots of collaboration between governments at all ties hence am saying that we will eventually get things done properly at last joy and good testimonies will end it all.

Today we will be presenting to you the Fabulous International Achievers Award to your for your sterling leadership excellence, as we present to you the, MOST OUTSTANDING GRASSROOTS LEADERSHIP ICON OF THE YEAR AWARD, to the Executive Chairman of Onigbongbo LCDA, Hon. Oladotun Olakanle (FPA,MCIPM). As he Received Fabulous International Achievers Award (FIAA). In recognition of your performance in discharging your duties, bridging the gap in between federal government and the state government in top-flight for the LCDA, giving appropriate consistence concerns to basic need in education, youth empowerment, defending the vulnerable and empowering the women into different vocational skills, bringing closeness within the grassroots for betterment of the LCDA, to enable easy service delivery.
Congratulations sir!.
As he speaks, that this award he dedicates it to his good people of Onigbongbo local governments council for believing him and always there with him and that he loves is people a lot they makes him to strive for more and keep him standing, fabulous international achievers award I said thank you and more grace.

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