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How Primate Ayodele’s Four Year Old Prophecy On MC Oluomo Came To Pass

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Prophecies are just what they are, when they come from true prophets, it doesn’t matter how long they take to come to pass but at the end of the day, true prophecies come to pass.

Four years ago, Primate Ayodele gave a prophecy about NURTW chieftain, MC Oluomo and warned him against betrayal, back-stabbing from those around him.

Primate Ayodele in this prophecy which was captured in a video mentioned that he foresees factions that will kick against MC Oluomo’s leadership in Lagos state. He stated that some people will come out against him and categorically noted that those he relies on will betray him.

These were his words:

‘’MC Oluomo must be very careful if not they will stab him from the back. There will be factions that are going to kick against him. Some people will even come out against him. He must be prayerful not to lose any elder and his close pals. Also, those he relies on will betray him.’’

The words of Primate Ayodele which he shared four years ago became a reality towards the end of 2023 when NURTW, Lagos chapter got into a leadership crisis.

It all started when MC Oluomo expressed his desire to run for the post of the National chairman of NURTW. But after a while, MC thought about it and realized he is about to lose his major base, Lagos and the influence he wields. As the popular saying goes, all politics are local, and losing his political base will weaken his influence and render him useless.

While MC was still busy weighing his options, the state treasurer, Mustapha Sego had started plotting with other branch chairmen and men around MC Oluomo to contest for the post of the state chairman.

MC however shocked Sego by saying he is not contesting for the post of the national president again. Sego and all the people whose support he has gained insisted that MC must go. And this is without considering the fact that he just took office for his second term.

In a surprising turn of event, men who were hitherto loyal to MC have pitched their tents with Sego. Men like Kokozaria, Bush, Kunle Poly, Chairman of Oshodi local government, and many branch chairman.

Not only that, 80% of branch chairmen in Lagos have stopped remitting money to MC as Sego instructed them not to pay money to state cover until MC vacates the seat.

At the end of the day, MC Oluomo stepped down as the NURTW Chairman in Lagos barely two months after he was elected. Sego is now the chairman while MC Oluomo waits for the national election. However, His shocking exit from the Lagos leadership has fulfilled Primate Ayodele’s four year old prophecy

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