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Arewa community APC Lagos east Senatorial district on Saturday held their get together program to appreciate their leaders and exco on last year February 11 election which Distinguish Senator Tokunbo Mukail Abiru was re elected into the National Assembly.

Arewa community Director General, Lagos East Alhaji Shehu Usman Jubrin , appreciated the senator for his commitment and support toward the Arewa community in Lagos east , he stated that senator Abiru is truly a super senator that have shouldered the responsibilities of his senatorial district and the Arewa community in Lagos east , Also Alhaji Shehu refered the Senator Tokunbo Abiru as the best senator among all the three senatorial district in Lagos ,

Senator Tokunbo Mukail Abiru have always put our people in his agenda , even before he emerged as the senator , he will always call on us and make sure our welfare is paramount, he has given us slot in every program he organized , he gave us 250 forms for our people to benefit, Empowerments , financial assistance and many more , nobody in Lagos east will say he have not benefitted from our people’s senator “

Alhaji Jubrin also stated the reason behind get together program, which he said

We want to re-awake our consciousness toward his consistent support to us , also to know that he is always with us and we will also support him to the highest point , we shall do more as the relationship continue to soar “

Meanwhile, Otunba Saheed Oladapo Ibikunle PhD , Special Adviser to Senator Abiru on Constituency matter , commended the works of Arewa community in Lagos east under the Leadership of Alhaji Shehu Usman Jubrin, he described him as a man with consistency and diligence , also a man that have the good quality of a leader per excellent, he assured the Arewa community that the continue and constant relationship with last even in the next level.

Otunba Saheed urged the Arewa community to tap into the good representation of Senator Abiru in the S.A.I.L program which will Empower their youth on internet facilities and online trading, he also encourage them on the need to always catch them young in training facilities which is absolutely free , according to him this is the best way to train our youth from unholy vice which is not acceptable in the society, he commended the Leadership of Alh Sa’adu Yusuf Gulma Dandare chairman Arewa community APC Lagos state, on his resilience in coordinating structure that will stand the test of time across the state ,most especially Alhaji Shehu Usman, he assured the Arewa community that senator Abiru will continue to support the Arewa community in every endeavors to promote good Representation in Lagos east .

Hence , Chairman Arewa community APC Lagos state and southern states Alhaji Sa’adu Yusuf Gulma Dandare described Senator Tokunbo Abiru as the best senator in Lagos state, according to him

Senator Tokunbo Abiru have done what other senator can no do , he is a man of his words , he has being doing good things to our people in Lagos east , we don’t need to be told but he is a man of action, we thank him specially and pray for greater height for him “

Alhaji Sa’adu also called on other senators in West and Centre Senatorial district to emulate the people’s senator gesture toward the Arewa community, he appealed that Arewa community believes in the drive of the party APC , but have never received good representative in other senatorial district , he also commend senator adebule who have only support during the palliative which we benefitted some months back in 2023.

Cash , palliative packs were giving out to chairmen and the Excos in Lagos East , including Market men and women , Leaders , youths and security agencies in Lagos west as gift from the senator .

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