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Strange Prophecies Of #Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In #2023

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Strange Prophecies Of #Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In #2023

By Anyanwu Paul

You may want to think there is nothing like strange prophecies because no matter how we want to put it, a prophecy is a prophecy but permit me to stick to my understanding and insinuation that there are strange prophecies – I will define it.

Traditionally, prophets have one major subject they talk about which is politics; they prophesy about the next governor or president, the fate of politicians, and everything related to politics and that’s why most of them only get popular during election period but when we see prophecies that talk about deeper things than who will win an election but how the election will be won, how an administration will look like before it even starts, other sectors like education, security, economy, sports, individuals, it is quite strange.

When most prophets talk, they prophesy about almost the same thing but when someone in the prophetic ministry starts talking about subjects others don’t dare talk about for whatever reasons, you know such an individual is a ‘strange prophet’; This is what differentiate Primate Ayodele’s prophecies from every other prophet in the fold.

In Africa, Primate Ayodele can be considered as the strangest prophet on account of the kind of prophecies he churns out. He is the most vocal, talked about, shares the most prophecies about every subject and maintains his position as the most accurate prophet.

Unlike others that share prophecies in parables, Primate Ayodele’s prophecies can be understood by an unbeliever because he simplifies them – another strange character. He is the only prophet whose New Year prophecies run into over 90 pages unlike others that share a list of prophecies for the New Year. He is also the only prophet that publishes a prophecy booklet titled Warnings To The Nations annually containing prophecies for every country in the world, what a strange man!

Few days ago, there was a compilation of 150 prophecies of Primate Ayodele that came to pass in 2023, I doubt if any prophet in the world can make boast of just 20 of their prophecies that was fulfilled this year and this is not to say other prophets don’t hear God but Primate Ayodele just has a strange anointing.

In 2023 too, There are quite a number of strange prophecies of Primate Ayodele that came to pass, let’s take few moment to consider some:

1 Wike VS Fubara : When Primate Ayodele mentioned that there will be issues between the former governor or Rivers state, Nyesom Wike and his successor, Sim Fubara, many didn’t know it will ever come to pass because both of them had a good relationship. Even if it will happen, no one expected it to be soon because it’s obvious Wike brought Fubara to power and was expected to see Wike as his godfather but strangely, it happened. This was foretold immediately Fubara won the election at a time when there was no iota of ‘bad blood’ between the outgoing and incoming governor. No prophet spoke about this aspect of Rivers politics except Primate Ayodele.

2 Price of commodities: Another strange prophecy that came to pass in 2023 is the shocking prices of commodities in Nigerian markets now. Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecies had said that another APC government will bring economic woes to the nation. He then went ahead to point out some food items and foretold how much they will sell for before the end of the year.

‘’However, if we pick a wrong President, things are going to be very expensive. I foresee a bag of rice would be very expensive, two sachets of tomatoe paste would cost #500. Imported rice will be #80,000, #100,000, #120,000. Local rice #50,000 which will increase, vegetable oil price will be increased, palm oil, coke, bread and pure water, a sachet will go for #50 – #100. The essential commodities will attract increases in prices. Cement price will go to #4,800 – #5,000.’’

3 BVAS: Nigerians had so much hope in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) because of the BVAS machine because they felt it will stop election fraud but many have lost hope after the 2023 presidential election. When he was talking about the 2023 presidential election, Primate Ayodele stated that BVAS will not be able to curb election malpractices and spoke about the court issues.

“BVAS is not the answer to Nigeria’s election malpractices, it has been manipulated. Some people will be rigged out technically; BVAS will rig out who is popular and bring in the unpopular. Don’t rely on BVAS, it is rigging in a technological way. Anyone who wins may not be removed by the court except God changes the mind of the judge; the rigging will be so perfect.”

4 Liberia Election: The former president of Liberia, George Weah faced the greatest shock of his life when he lost the presidential election that held some months ago. In a strange way, Primate Ayodele warned Weah eight times about his imminent loss of the election to the opposition party. Other prophets majorly said Weah will win the election but for Primate Ayodele, he didn’t only say Weah will lose the election but revealed how he will lose the election. Apart from that, He told Weah what to do in order to win the election but he didn’t listen, hence, leading to his loss.

5 US Political tension: Hardly do we see prophets talk about countries and continents beyond their confinement; if they are from Nigeria, they don’t go beyond their country and Africa but for Primate Ayodele, he touches every continent with his prophecies. The United States Of America experienced serious political tension in 2023 than even before . It was a year when the speaker of the house was removed for the first time in history and the year when electing a new speaker became a serious issue; two different people withdrew their ambition because they could not secure majority votes. Primate Ayodele accurately foretold this.

6 Obaseki VS Shaibu: Primate Ayodele who was the only prophet in Nigeria that foretold victory of Godwin Obaaseki warned that he foresees a fight between the governor and his deputy. He asked both of them to pray against misunderstanding but probably because everything was smooth between them then, they ignored the prophetic revelation.

7 Rotimi Akeredolu: The governor of Ondo state, Rotimi Akeredolu has been battling with health challenges for some time now. This is in fulfillment of the prophecy of Primate Elijah Ayodele which he noted in his annual book of prophecy titled ‘Warnings To The Nations’ released in July 2022. Primate Ayodele in the 2022/2023 edition of the prophecy book asked Nigerians to pray against ailment among sitting governors in the country. He warned that he foresees a sitting governor falling ill while in office.

8 Sierra Leone Military base attack: Among the most recent prophetic warnings that came to pass is the sudden attack on the main and largest military barracks and prison in Sierra Leone, raising fears of a breakdown of order amid a surge of coups in the region. Primate Ayodele had foretold this exact situation in his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations (2023/2024) edition which was released in July 2023. He categorically mentioned that there will be an attack on the military in Sierra Leone.

9 Donald Trump: Even though Primate Ayodele was among the few clerics who prophesied the surprising emergence of Donald Trump as the President Of The United States Of America (USA) some years back, He was still the major prophet who foretold his unfortunate loss at the last presidential election that produced Joe Biden.

For years, Primate Ayodele has been speaking about former President Donald Trump; His emergence as the president, how his administration will be perceived by the people, how he was going to lose the presidential seat, and what will become of him after his exit from the presidential seat.

It is very rare for former presidents especially in the USA to face serious legal issues that could lead them to jail or get them arrested and this made the prophecy of Primate Ayodele about Donald Trump to be incredible.

10 Godwin Emefiele: in April during an interview session captured in a video, Primate Ayodele was heard saying Godwin Emefiele will be faced with so many troubles as he foresaw his arrest. He also made it known that the CBN governor will be embarrassed unless he seeks the face of God. Just like he prophesied, Godwin Emefiele has been suspended and not only that, was arrested and imprisoned.

11 Israel and Palestine War: In his 2023 prophecies, Primate Ayodele foretold that there will be tension between both countries in the Gaza strip area. He revealed that he foresees fighting between their soldiers in the arena and that efforts to mediate will be futile.

‘’I foresee that in the Gaza Strip there will be serious troubles. This notwithstanding, I foresee that in the Gaza Strip, there will be a kind of bomb blast and fighting between the Israeli and Palestine soldiers. There will be protest in Gaza Strip against the activities of the Israeli security operatives. I foresee that the efforts of all the mediation committees will not yield any reasonable results.’’

It happened exactly how Primate Ayodele said it.

12 Coups: On October 7, 2022, Primate Ayodele in a live service at his Lagos Church told Ali Bongo to resign from the government and hand over to someone else because he foresees a crisis in the form of a military coup. The man of God cautioned Bongo from being selfish and holding on to power but sadly, instead of listening, the president went ahead to seek a third term in office and just when he was declared winner, his reign ended abruptly.

Also, two weeks before Niger Republic coup, , Primate Ayodele sent a warning to African leaders about an impending coup he foresees unless they address it and do the right thing. The man of God made the warning in a video that was shared on his TikTok account but it was ignored, hence, the event of a coup.

Strange Prophecies Of #Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In #2023

13 Alex Otti: No one thought the Labour Party’s candidate in Abia state, Alex Otti would win the governorship election in the state. The state has always been governed by the PDP so it was only normal that the party wins the election but Primate Ayodele’s strange prophecy concerning the ambition of Alex Otti which he revealed three years ago came to pass. The prophet had said three years before the election that Alex Otti will become the next governor of the state while advising APC to choose him as the party’s candidate.

These were his words

‘‘If APC makes use of Alex Otti, He will deliver for APC, He is the only one that can stand in APC come 2023.’’ (https://dailypost.ng/2020/08/25/primate-ayodele-predicts-anointed-candidate-for-abia-apc-warns-gov-akeredolu/)

14 Nnamdi Kanu: Primate Ayodele had said this year that it will be difficult for the government to released Nnamdi Kanu. He made it known that there will be back and forth but the government will not release him. Just last week, the Supreme Court denied him bail and declared that he should be put on trial.

15 Exchange Rate: when we got into 2023, nobody envisaged that a dollar will exchange for more than N1,000. It was barely N600 in the black market and N400 at the official market but Primate Ayodele’s 2023 prophecies captured that the exchange rate will rise to N1,500/$.

“Terrorism and sanitary will be a thing of the past if Nigeria gets the right president. The question now is how Nigeria would get the right president. But if we get the wrong person, fuel will rise to N1,500 per litre, dollars will rise to N1,500; and insecurity will be alarming.”

At the moment, Dollar is N1,200 at the black market and close to N1000 officially. Just like other prophecies, Primate Ayodele was the only one that foretold this strange development and it’s currently happening.

16 Gambia Coup Attempt: The Gambian government says it has foiled a military coup attempt and arrested four soldiers allegedly plotting to overthrow President Adama Barrow’s administration.

This is in fulfillment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy which he issued some months ago in a video shared on his church’s social media page.

In the video, Primate Ayodele warned Adama Barrow of some steps he is taking which he said will lead to serious troubles in the country and that a military intervention may take place if care isn’t taken.

Strange Prophecies Of #Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In #2023

17 Chelsea: Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on the performance of Chelsea FC has been coming to pass since the beginning of the year. He said last season that the club is cursed and will need the blessing of the former owners in order to succeed. He said in his 2023 prophecy that the club will not perform well.

18 Ghana economy: 2023 was not an easy year for the people of Ghana. There were several protests and demonstrations against the president due to the economic issue faced in the country. Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecies mentioned that the country will face issues regarding economy in the year.

‘’GHANA: I foresee the economy of the country will have issues. The economic downturn will cause a big problem for the standard of living of the people. I foresee there will be Political tension and insecurity problems in Ghana. There will be protests against the President’’

19 APC Chairman: the former chairman, Abdullahi Adamu was disgraced out of office and took his leave unceremoniously. Primate Ayodele in his prophecy shared that Adamu will be disgraced out of office. This prophecy was shared at a time Adamu was enjoying a smooth relationship with APC chieftains.

‘’I foresee he will be disgraced and confused out of office. He needs to pray against political robbery. He must be very careful’’

20 EFCC: The former chairman of the EFCC, Abdulrasheed Bawa’s travail was revealed by Primate Ayodele in his 2023 prophecies. Before then, Bawa was the star of the anti-corruption agency but Primate Ayodele said he won’t be appreciated. As he revealed, Bawa was sacked, imprisoned before finally gaining freedom; he was embarrassed out of office.

Strange Prophecies Of #Primate Ayodele That Came To Pass In #2023

‘’The Anti-Corruption Agency people are doing their best. But the man at the EFCC helms of affairs Bawa will not be appreciated. There are many secrets that they can’t expose, if they do, Nigeria will sink.’

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