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Peruzzi: I once found charm in my jacket while squatting with Davido

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Peruzzi, the Nigerian singer, has revealed how he found charm in his jacket while squatting with Davido, his colleague.

In an interview with Pop Central TV, Peruzzi narrated an incident where he took a shower at Davido’s house in the evening.

He said after his bath, he found voodoo dropping from a jacket he was about to wear.

Peruzzi revealed that the jacket had just been laundered, and as a precaution, he decided to have it burnt.

“I took a shower one evening like 6pm. Just to shower and go downstairs to relax because I was chilling there before I went back upstairs in David’s house while I was still living there,” he said.

“I am taking the shower and I go to my wardrobe to get my clothes. Then I put on my shirt, I put on my pants and everything, and then one jacket was just telling me, ‘wear me, wear me.’ I do not know how to explain it; it was just calling me.

“So, I carried it, put my hand inside to wear it, then something just dropped. I just looked at it — jazz, tied everything, supernatural better supernatural, a jacket that just came from the laundry but they burn am.”

Peruzzi started to gain prominence after he joined Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) in November 2017.

He has established himself as a household name in the music industry since then.

In October, the singer boasted about being the brain behind Davido‘s hit songs ‘Unavailable’ and ‘Risky’.

He has also collaborated with many renowned individuals in the country’s music scene.

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