Home Politics Edo state deputy governor, Shuaibu , used his office and power to take me away and steal my customized Rolex wristwatch, Says Edo state APC chairman, Jarrett

Edo state deputy governor, Shuaibu , used his office and power to take me away and steal my customized Rolex wristwatch, Says Edo state APC chairman, Jarrett

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A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Jarret Tenebe, has publicly accused Shaibu of stealing.

BARELY two days before the house of assembly election in Edo state, the State Acting Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Jarret Tenebe has been arrested allegedly on the orders of the deputy governor of Edo state Hon Philip Shaibu.

.In his interview with NewsThumb Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, SOTAYO OLAYINKA a couple of days back in Abuja. He spoke on a numbers of issues concerning Edo, Nigeria and others.

Can we meet you, Sir?
My name is Jarret Tenebe and I am the acting chairman of the All Progressive Party in Edo State.

What’s your take on the Edo state Crisis between Governor Obaseki and Deputy Shuaibu as he Declares his intention to run for governor in the next election?

Though we are not from the same party, from what I’ve heard, well, I am not surprised due to the kind of person the deputy is. The deputy is known to be disloyal and lacks the trust of his boss. They were like two robbers who came to Edo state; I am sure they were fighting because of the loot and how to share it. Now, their tenure is wounding up.

You previously emphasised how the deputy stole your wristwatch. Can you explain further how? you are not at the same party? Where did it happen, at an event, party or where?

I made it very clear when I went to submit my petition to the Inspector General of Police (IGP). Sometimes, four days before the House assembly election, the deputy governor of police security came to take me forcefully at about 2am one night. However, we went from the same local government areas, and they abducted me to Benin; getting there, they tried to put a gun into my hands, and a fight ensued between us, but with such a scuffling, my customised Daytona Rolex wristwatch got removed by them, We made our way to the state command, where I provided a statement. Subsequently, they ran away, likely because the police recognised them as individuals associated with the deputy governor, Shuaibu. I registered in my statement that they had stolen my wristwatch and that they should recover it for me. Though the deputy governor was not there, you know, sometimes later, I went to America for holidays, at a conference on the invitation to see someone there, I saw Edo deputy governor, Shuaibu, wearing my customised Rolex watch with my name on it, I tried to reach out to him, but he ran away from the event. I was there with my 8-year-old daughter and in a foreign land. I wouldn’t want to run after him, but I let him go. When I got back, I wrote a petition to IGP about it, and he has never gone on to deny my accusations anywhere, owing ip to the fact that it’s true. He will return my wristwatch, whether he likes it or not.

You remarked earlier about studying law. What informs that decision?

I am studying law at BAZE University to find a way to contribute to better equip myself. Imagine the deputy using his office and power to take me away and steal my wristwatch forcefully. I am currently at the Code of Conduct Bureau with petitions for their awareness. We must do something for our laws for those in authority to be brought to book when they err, to contribute my quotas to constitutional reviews to avoid having criminals as leaders. That’s why I am studying law now, after which I will graduate from law school and contribute my piece to our laws.

I want you to shed more light on the Edo state elections. Does the government use the power of incumbency to intimidate the opposition parties during the Presidential election?

That’s exactly what happened, you know, because Wyhey belongs to the ruling party in Edo state, and then we have a president who cares less about his party. Of course, they worked against us; if not for that, they removed our leader, Adams Oshiomole, and our former President could not have supported us, so we lost in the state. They could treat us that way due to former president Buhari’s no-challenge attitude. They wouldn’t go away with it because this government is not smiling at them.

In conclusion, as the 2024 election draws closer, what is your advice to your party?

The only thing I tell my people is now that we are the ruling party, they are sure we are taking over. I also want to warn the Edo state police commissioner that I am now the acting APC chairman, which will be different than usual. I am not peaceful; I don’t look for trouble, but anyone who brings trouble to me will always meet difficulty.

What is your advice for the President regarding economy and security?

The President is doing very well and still needs to complete his steps. I know he’s going to deliver on his promises to the masses.

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