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Meet Dupe Sanni, the woman behind Gov Adeleke ‘s success, how she played a prominent role in his emergence

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The political opponents of the Governor of Osun state, Ademola Adeleke, particularly in the All Progressives Congress (APC) are becoming more aligned in their mission by the day.

And the point of agreement is targeting the Governor through someone who has a major influence on him.

The person is Dupe Adeleke – Sanni.

Dupe Adeleke-Sanni

Adeleke-Sanni is the Governor’s elder sister who has played a mother figure for as long as many close to the family can remember.

A well-known businesswoman in Ibadan, Oyo state, she played a prominent role in his emergence as the Governor of Ogun state.

The value she has brought to bear since Adeleke’s swear-in as the Governor has resulted in the appellation of “the real power behind the throne”.

And, opponents of the Governor have turned this into a campaign point questioning his competence.

The chorus is now that “the Governor can not do anything without his sister”.

Ajibola Basiru, the National Secretary of the APC turned tormentor-in-chief of Governor Adeleke has turned the chorus into an anthem to be sung at every political gathering.

The APC chieftain at every turn taunts the Governor his sister, “Dupe” is the brain behind every action he takes.

The claim has now become a popular jibe against the Governor among his political opponents.

Checks, however, revealed that the closeness between Governor Adeleke and his sister is not a new thing.

Dupe Adeleke Sanni is said to have always been the mother figure in the extended Adeleke family including that of her elder brother Deji and his children.

Deji is the father of music sensation Davido (David Adeleke).

Dupe Adeleke-Sanni is the only female in the family that also has Deji, Ademola, and the late master politician – Isiaka Adeleke.

The late Isiaka Adeleke is a former Governor of Osun State.

Those who should know disclosed that Dupe Adeleke-Sanni’s influence within the family has always been such that those who are keen to get anything from her brothers always seek her help.

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