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The Echoes of Mohbad: A Call For Justice , Accountability, and change

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The story of Mohbad, a rising star in the Nigerian music industry, is a poignant reminder that behind the glitz and glamour of fame lies a complex web of challenges. Recent events, including allegations of harassment, threats, and the tragic passing of Mohbad, have ignited a firestorm of controversy that cannot be ignored. In this blog post, we explore the unfolding saga, the troubling role of law enforcement, and the urgent need for change within the music industry and society as a whole.

A Cry for Justice
Folakemi Falana, after speaking with friends and family of Mohbad, took a crucial step in seeking answers. She wrote to the Chief Coroner of Lagos State, requesting a coroner’s inquest into Mohbad’s death. This move signifies a commitment to uncovering the truth, and it was acknowledged on September 18, 2023, with the resounding promise, “We will continue to apply pressure till we get answers”

The Deafening Silence
Perhaps the most troubling aspect of Mohbad’s tragedy is the silence of the Nigerian police in the face of his prolonged torment. Mohbad, like countless vulnerable youths, faced bullying, harassment, and violence. He took the brave step of formally petitioning the police for help, but their inaction is baffling. Despite his pleas on social media, the Nigerian police remained silent, failing in their duty to protect citizens.
The Irony of Social media
It’s ironic that after Mohbad’s death, the police turned to social media to claim, “Twitter is not a Police Station!” This statement, made by DSP Bright Edafe, raises critical questions. If Twitter is not a place for police matters, why do law enforcement agencies maintain an active presence on social media? The inconsistency and insensitivity in their response to Mohbad’s case are glaring.
Reactive vs. Proactive Policing
The police’s insistence that cases must be formally reported before they investigate raises concerns about their reactive approach. In a society where vulnerable individuals face threats and violence daily, it’s the police’s duty to proactively intervene to ensure peace and safety. Mohbad’s case, in particular, highlights the need for a more responsive and responsible police force.
A Culture of Exploitation and Silence
The tragic story of Mohbad underscores deeper issues within the music industry. Artists like Mohbad often face exploitation, bullying, and mental health challenges, all in the pursuit of profit. The culture of silence that surrounds these issues must be shattered, and the industry must prioritize the welfare of its artists over financial gain.
Lessons from #EndSARS
The #EndSARS movement in Nigeria was a turning point, showcasing the power of collective action and demanding accountability from law enforcement. For many Nigerian youths, the tragedy of Mohbad’s life and death represents a new opportunity to demand justice and change within the police force and society at large.
Remembering Mohbad: Candlelight Procession and Tribute Concert
The Nigerian music industry mourns the loss of a rising star, Mohbad, whose untimely passing has left an indelible mark on the hearts of many. In honor of his memory, a candlelight procession and tribute concert have been organized to celebrate his life and musical legacy.

Mohbad’s candlelight procession and tribute concert serve as a platform for fans and the music community to come together and remember a young talent whose potential was cut short. Let us join in honoring his memory, celebrating his music, and supporting one another during this difficult time. Your presence at these events will contribute to a fitting tribute to a gifted artist who will forever be in our hearts.

We are all Mohbad, and Mohbad is us. Beyond being a musician, he was a young man navigating an industry rife with exploitation and pressure. His tragic story serves as a stark indictment of an industry that values profit over the well-being of its artists. The call for justice in his case is a call for justice for all vulnerable individuals facing harassment and violence.
As we reflect on Mohbad’s journey and the challenges he faced, we must also remember the need for a responsive and proactive police force, one that actively protects its citizens. Mohbad’s story is a powerful reminder that change is long overdue, not only in the music industry but also in law enforcement and society as a whole. The echoes of Mohbad’s life and death should reverberate as a call to action for justice, accountability, and change.

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