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The FCT Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Olusola Odumosu enliven esprit de corps today as he paid a courtesy visit to the Acting Guards Brigade Commander, Col. Olusola Adebisi Onasanya, ”the Chief Scorpion” at the Headquarters Guards Brigade, Abuja.

The Commandant, in appreciating the existing strong synergy between the Civil Defence and the Nigeria Army on one hand, noted that, while there is an increasing friendship and good bonding between senior officers in the military and other paramilitary agencies, same should be encouraged among the junior cadres in a progressive fashion till a full synergy is attained.

He condemned the rivalry occasionally experienced among security agencies and encouraged more collaboration for effective security coverage of the country.

“If we at our levels can enjoy so much cooperation and synergy, there’s a need to pass the same information to the lower rungs of the ladder too.

“My visit to you is more or less to fulfill customs and traditions. As far as I am concerned, we already have a good working relationship and I am enjoying maximum cooperation and synergy from you already.

“However, the visit is also an opportunity for me and my men to get acquainted with your men and familiarize with one another as we shall be meeting on the field in the course of our job”, he added.

Commandant Odumosu, while thanking the Commander, Guards Brigade for receiving him, his officers and men in audience, commended the Nigerian Army for its maturity and camaraderie which has resulted in a long standing good relationship with the NSCDC.

The Commandant noted that the Civil Defence Corps owed its evolution to the Military especially the Nigerian Army.

He pointed out that the Civil Defence came into existence during the Nigerian civil war of 70s, where there was a need to educate and also train the civilians on self defence and protective measures in the case of eventualities of the war.

He added that by the time the Corps became a full fledged paramilitary organization, core of the training of the NSCDC were basically from the Army.

“The two agencies have come a long way and should continue to collaborate more effectively and progressively for the safety of lives and property of Nigerians and other residents in the country.

“We are a product of the military, directly or indirectly”, Odumosu said.

The Commandant solicited more collaboration in the areas of operations and training for his men from the Brigade of Guards Commander. He reiterated that, with more training and retraining programs in place, all security agencies in the sub-sector will be able to operate and cooperate more efficiently without any one lagging behind in latest operational tactics.

Commandant Odumosu said that his mission to making the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) free of vandals of critical infrastructures such as manhole covers, street lights, traffic lights amongst other criminalities can not be done in isolation of other security agencies, hence, the necessity for the courtesy visit.

In his response, the Brigade of Guard Commander, Col. Olusegun Adebisi Onasanya, appreciated the courtesy visit and stated that the visit is a mark of continous synergy and interagency collaborations already existing among all the security agencies in the FCT.

He noted that there are already joint operations between the Civil Defence, other paramilitary agencies and the Nigerian Army which has been responsible for the downward trends of crimes and security threats in the FCT.

In response to the NSCDC’s request for training, the Brigade Commander promised to consult with the Defence Headquarters immediately and find out how the training of the NSCDC personnel will be undertaken.

“If I need to consult, I will consult, If I need to take permission or approval from the top, I will, but the training will be effected”, Onasanya promised.

He assured the FCT Commandant that, from time to time, enlightenment will be intensified among the junior cadres of the Nigerian Army to foster a healthier relationship with the NSCDC and other security agencies so as to enhance a unified front for security of the nation.

While wishing Commandant Odumosu and his team a very successful tenure at the FCT, he said that the visit is highly necessary for the officers of both agencies to meet for a better understanding of each other, stating that, the era of one agency doing it alone is over.

Also in attendance at the event with the Acting Guards Brigade Commander are Lt.Col SA Yahaya, Deputy Chief of Staff, Lt.Col Wom, Major JO Ogunbunmi, Major MN Yusuf, Major U.Adamu, Major T.Gboko, GY Rabiu and Captain SA Sitwan as well as the Guards PRO, Lt Olokodana.

After exchanging pleasantries, a souvenir of the Guards Brigade, a bourgeois looking crafted scorpion, the insignia of the Guards Brigade was presented to the visiting Commandant.

In the entourage of the FCT Commandant were his Head of Admin, HOD Critical National Assets and Infrastructure (CNAI), Head of Operations, HOD Intelligence and Investigation, Arms Commander among others.

ASCI Comfort Okomanyi
CDPRO, FCT Command.

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