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Williams Uchemba Storms Mum’s Village With Police, Fixes Road As He Prepares for Her Final Burial

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  • Williams Uchemba lost his mum in August and he has set the ball rolling to give her a befitting burial in her village
  • The Nollywood actor shared a video of him and family members making sure things are put in place for the befitting ceremony
  • Uchemba was seen with heavily armed policemen, and he pulled a big man move by fixing the road that leads to his village home

Williams Uchemba is preparing to give his late mum, who passed away last month, a befitting final burial.

The actor shared a video on his Instagram page, and he was seen with his people in the village putting things in place for the big event.

Uchemba travelled with a convoy and heavily armed policemen to his village, where cows were already put on display.

Another clip in the video showed the actor checking out the surrounding, and a huge caterpillar contracted to fix a huge potion of the road that led to his mum’s home.

Uchemba also checked out the space, presumable where his mum will be finally laid to rest.

He wrote:

“As I get ready to give you your final rest , I want to thank you again for helping me become the man I am today. I want to thank you for putting me in the film industry, I want to thank you for always encouraging me to fulfil my goals and dreams. I can remember when world was against me and told lies about me, you called me and hailed me “Don willyyy” x3 and told me to not pay attention to them cos you know me more than anyone else. I want thank you for being my mother, if I am to choose again I will still choose you. I love you now and forever.”

The actor’s video sparked mixed reactions from his fans and colleagues with most people sympathizing with him.

Read comments below:


“She’s so proud of you and we are too. Be strong my brother. May God comfort you. Much love always.”


“So when she was alive, you couldn’t grade the road, now she is dead and you want to show muscles. Waste of efforts.”


“So this is the time you remember that the road in your village needs to be constructed because of your mom’s burial.”


“Oh lord! Before you call my mother home, please bless me so I can give her the life that she deserves. So I can treat her the way she was never treated. So she can enjoy every good thing life has to offer. Please God, hear my cries!”


“She trained you well. May she continue to rest in perfect peace, Amen!”


“Be strong dear…just buried my mum on d 8th of Sept. May d souls of our dear mothers rest in peace.”


“Ha oh so so so sorry bro it’s so painful but it’s well may her soul rest in peace amen “


“God will give you strength Grieving is not easy… but believing in God will help you find comfort.. “

Williams Uchemba and his daughter reunite

Legit.ng earlier reported that after being away on a work trip, the actor and his only child Kamara melted hearts with their reunion.

In the video, Kamara ran outside to welcome the actor, she held open her tiny arms as he ran to scoop her up in his.

Father and daughter reunited, oblivious of everyone around, and Kamara contentedly placed her head on her dad’s shoulder.

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