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Thousands gather in Adamawa to pray for rain

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Thousands of Muslim faithful converged on an open space in Hong, administrative headquarters of Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa state yesterday, to offer special prayers for rain.

This marked the third time this year that such a gathering would take place, reports Daily Trust.

The special prayer, known as “Salatul Istisqa’a”, was held to seek divine intervention for rainfall so as not to affect bumper harvest.

The prayer session was led by the esteemed Imam Zubairu Mahmud Fari, with the District Head of Hong, Dan-Maliki Adamawa, Alhaji Umar Babangida Mahmoud (Khadimul-Qur’an) in attendance.

The Imam led the congregation in offering the prayers, calling on Allah SWT to accept their petition for rainfall and bring an end to the hardship being faced by people in the country.

In his supplication, Imam Fari also fervently prayed for bumper harvest and for Allah to forgive the people of their sins.

His words were met with a resounding “Amen” from the gathering, who shared his sentiments and hopes for a bountiful harvest and divine mercy.

Reports indicate that Christians in the area also held special prayers for rainfall and bumper harvest in their various churches, a testament to the spirit of unity and cooperation that exists between people of different faiths in the area.

The event was organised at the behest of Dan Malikin Adamawa and the District Head of Hong, Alhaji Umar Babangida Mahmoud, who had issued a directive calling on all Muslims and Christians in his domain to participate in the prayer session.

The response was overwhelming, with thousands of worshippers heeding the call to come together in a powerful display of unity and faith.

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