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Pres. Tinubu Recalls All Nigerian Ambassadors Back Home , Demands Efficiency

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by Jane Osamor

In a significant move aimed at revamping Nigeria’s diplomatic services, President Tinubu has issued a directive recalling all Nigerian Ambassadors stationed abroad. The announcement was made by Tinubu’s spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale, in a statement released on Saturday. This decision comes as a result of a thorough assessment of the current state of affairs at Nigerian consulate offices and embassies worldwide.

Ngelale emphasized that the recall would take effect immediately, signaling a swift and decisive action by the President. The objective behind this decision is clear – to ensure that world-class efficiency and quality become the hallmark of Nigeria’s foreign and domestic service delivery, benefiting citizens, residents, and prospective visitors alike.

President Tinubu’s determination to enhance the performance of Nigerian diplomats reflects his commitment to projecting the nation’s interests and image on the global stage. By recalling all Ambassadors, Tinubu aims to streamline operations, address any existing challenges, and create a more effective and responsive diplomatic corps.

The careful study conducted by Tinubu’s administration revealed areas where improvements were necessary. It identified issues such as bureaucratic inefficiencies, slow response times, and inadequate service quality at various Nigerian consulates and embassies. These findings served as the catalyst for the recall, as President Tinubu recognized the urgent need for comprehensive reform within Nigeria’s diplomatic missions.

The recall directive encompasses Ambassadors posted across different continents and regions. It will require them to return to Nigeria promptly for consultations, evaluations, and potential reassignments. This process ensures that ambassadors are held accountable for their performance while enabling Tinubu’s administration to assess their individual strengths and weaknesses.

While the recall applies to all Ambassadors except those serving as Nigeria’s United Nations Permanent Representatives in New York and Geneva, it is important to note that these exemptions are temporary. The decision to exempt them is based on the upcoming United Nations General Assembly, a crucial international gathering where Nigeria’s representation and participation are of utmost importance. Tinubu recognizes the significance of this event and aims to maintain continuity and stability in Nigeria’s engagement with the United Nations during this period.

The recall of Nigerian Ambassadors sends a strong message that President Tinubu is committed to reinvigorating Nigeria’s diplomatic presence worldwide. By prioritizing efficiency and quality in service delivery, he seeks to enhance Nigeria’s reputation, strengthen diplomatic ties, attract foreign investment, and foster mutually beneficial relationships with other nations.

This decision also underscores Tinubu’s proactive approach to governance and his determination to bring about positive change. It demonstrates his hands-on leadership style, where careful analysis informs decisive action. The recall serves as a wake-up call for Nigerian diplomats to reassess their roles, responsibilities, and performance, with the ultimate aim of elevating Nigeria’s diplomatic standing on the global stage.

In conclusion, President Tinubu’s directive to recall all Nigerian Ambassadors is a bold step towards ensuring efficiency and excellence in Nigeria’s diplomatic services. By taking swift action based on a thorough assessment of current affairs, Tinubu aims to transform the nation’s consulates and embassies into beacons of world-class service delivery. As ambassadors return for consultations and evaluations, it is expected that this recall will pave the way for comprehensive reforms that will enhance Nigeria’s diplomatic engagements, project its interests effectively, and contribute to its overall development and prosperity.

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