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The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Command, has arrested 20 suspected vandals and manhole cover thieves in different parts of the city centre.

Parading the suspects at the Command Headquarters, Zone 5, Abuja, Commandant of the FCT Command, Olusola Odumosu, hinted that most of the arrested thieves were caught stealing manholes and vandalising government property in various areas in the FCT.

He hinted that the arrests were made following intelligence reports that some scavengers pretend as being homeless, sleeping under the bridges and at strategic areas of the territory, thereby disguising to carry out nefarious activities between the hours of 1.00am and 4.30am.

Odumosu said the Corps would no longer tolerate the activities of scavengers in the city centre of the FCT.

The Commandant said: “To counteract the escalating instances of manhole cover theft and vandalism of street lights that have been adversely impacting the FCT Metropolis, the Command took a proactive approach.

“We activated strategically, planned routine night patrols, which proved to be highly effective.

“In the course of these patrols, we successfully arrested 20 scavengers and miscreants within the stipulated time frame.

“The arrested suspects underwent comprehensive interrogation and profiling.

“Subsequently, they will be handed over to the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) for prosecution at the mobile court.
He sends warning signals to would-be criminals that FCT is no longer a free zone for their activities.

“These intensified measures serve a dual purpose: deterring potential criminals and ensuring the apprehension of those responsible for these unlawful activities.

“Through these actions, we are sending an unequivocal and resolute message that criminal behaviour will no longer be tolerated within our jurisdiction.

“The proactive strategy we have embraced underscores the unwavering commitment of the government to address the concerns of its citizens”, he said.

The Commandant added that, the Corps is steadfastly dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of critical national assets and infrastructure throughout the FCT Metropolis and promised to sustain the clampdown until FCT is rid completely of vandals.

“There had also been reports of road robberies at night by miscreants who just loiter the streets at night aimlessly.

“If you don’t have a place to reside in the FCT then, you should relocate to your home town.

“This step is one of the measures to cleanse the streets of Abuja of criminals because these scavengers also act as informants to their gangs.

“The FCT Minister, Mr Nyesom Wike had directed that the city be sanitized of criminals and he also plans on working on the FCT waste disposal management system.

“When this arrangement is being finalised, these scavengers will have no business operating in the city center, hence, making it easier to curb criminal activities by miscreants.

Some of the suspects paraded at the FCT command of the NSCDC on Monday are John Ahmed “M” 46 yrs from Lafia LGA Nassarawa State; Abba Musa “M” 26yrs from Dala LGA Kano State; Jack Ikekwe “M” 25yrs from Kalabari LGA Rivers State; Kabir Dauda Ummar “M” 25yrs from Gwale LGA Kano State; Peter Eseh James “M” 39yrs from Ado LGA Benue State; and Monday Magaji “M” 25yrs from Kajuru LGA Kaduna State.

Others include Ukechukwu Ifeanyi “M” 42yrs from Umupla LGA, Abia State; Anthony Obey “M” 29yrs from Irruam LGA, Crossriver State; Habibu Abubakar “M” 25yrs from Kano State; Flavour Amos “M” 43yrs from Latine, Plateau State; Collins Erriom “M” 24yrs from Boki LGA, Crossriver State; Abdulrazk Lawal “M” 18yrs from Matangara LGA, Kastina State and Enwa Richard Ineji “M” 22yr from Yala LGA, Crossriver State.

Emeka Charles “M” 21yrs from Abi LGA, Crossriver State; Humphrey James “M” 25yrs from Boki LGA, Cross-river State; Ibrahim Umar “M” 20yrs from Taronie LGA, Kano State; Iheancho Godfrey “M” 30yrs from Atta LGA Imo State; Aliyu Abdulahi “M” 16yrs from Udili LGA Kano State; and Saniyu Abubakar ‘’M” 21 years from Nassarawa LGA Kano state made up the list of arrested suspects.


ASC1, Okomanyi Comfort
CDPRO, FCT Command.

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