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BY Jane Osamor
The Touch From Heaven International Ministry, under the dynamic leadership of Bishop Joseph Ighalo Edoro recently staged it’s 2nd edition of its annual prophetic out reach with empowerment programmes
Tagged: “Power Of Old”. In this piece, editor-in – Chief of fabulous international magazine, in person of Jane Osamor alongside with other across section of the Lagos press corp takes the clergy with humanitarian services as his special place of calling on the programme which included such things like deliverance healings and miracles while freeing many from the shackles of poverty excerpts.

what you planned for seems to have come out well as there is no rain, after this whole show, what will you say is your impression about the turn out?
Well t am okay, as am okay it was okay must importantly l love this other part of the event God’s part people where healed, I also loved this other part where the people were going to pick whatever they wanted as there was enough for them to pick. It was a joyful sight to see people get what they needed and that gives me a lot satisfaction joy seeing them being happy. There was a mass crowd there and that for me was great and very good.

How were you able to organising this type of program all alone? It is the handiwork of almighty God but I am trying my best.
This programme seems to have superseded offers, under your care, so what made it’s?
The programme has being successful do to more prayer, more hard work to make it much better them it is now? There are so many things we could do, we could add new things asthere are several things to be added as it is we will go back to the drawings board, we have seen the people and we now know their needs and so we have to add some things to it.
Are you planning to add medical needs to this?
Its Its okay as that is an innovation, if I have to go medical then I will like to go the extar mile with the medical needs. The patient will not just come and ……. and then go away if you come to check then they should be able to give you medications after running routine tests on the patient’s.
How were you able to do it and just like the last one that we did we help to do the police station at Olowosokechile as we rebuilt it and helped to commission it after renovations and this was last two monlth , june 2023, and so we have to keep doing our best.
How do you get the people because you do not have a church plants?
but I do have a lot of friends and I have a lot of sons that we also assist their various ministries one ways or the other and each time we need them we say to everybody let us come together as a family as this is what we do.

We can see some of your son’s and daughter’s of the prophet there I cannot get there name, can you give us they names?
Simple prophetess Ngozi chkwudikwu, Dr. Funmi andrews the Gospel artist, snr. Prophetess Bola Ige M orakinyo, Dr Henry Obidi, Bishop Dr mark Oturu Pinnacle faith ministries, Orile Agege, Great Edoho TK, Joel real, prophet T. Martins etc.

What of the Nollywood people sir?
They are their, Angela Phillips is there, Jude Uroka , chinyere is there, infact many of them are there. Actually am the patron of Lagos State chapter of the actors Guild of Nigeria (A.G.N) and if I wanted more of them to be in attendance at this event am sure they will.

What a miraculous and a blessed event this has been as when you were praying people were seen falling under the anointing. People were healed can you give us an insight into your powers as it is magnetizing?
If you spend a lot of time in the upper room praying God will show himself and you could see that the people did not want to go out of the healing zone. I noticed myself but all the glory should be given to God almighty.

When you were praying you introduced the mantle, what informed this?
When i was praying I heard for the first time reach out for the mantle and it worked because the people came with pictures of their loved ones and that were sick so, I found out the reasons why the holy spirit requested for the mantle. Youcan see that we did not take any form of offering that is deliberate as we do not.

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