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We are here today for you because our dear customers have being there with us through thick and thin, I Know that the economy is going through a lot and we as a people are all going through a lot but things like this or opportunities like this is an indication that with our positivity remaining always there is nothing like having money in the bank despite the fact that you get interests in other ways and are qualified and presented with the chances of having to win some additional opportunities.
The process has always been transparent and that is why we have been doing stuffs with the National Lottery Commission and the Federal Consumer Protection and our activities are quite transparent and anyone that benefits from it will have also reveal possession. I do not have much to say than to also say that by next season and seasons to even come I am hoping to see that some winners seated here with us today and so we can ascertain from you too as well. So, thank you so very much for coming and do have a blessed and wonderful day.
Speaking at the launch of Diamondxtra season 15, the group consumer Banking Access bank, Njideka Esomeju, she is the one who gave birth to the project, 15 years of rewarding scheme and it’s has been the best package in access bank improving the business and lives of their customer’s as being number one in access bank and that is what she stands for. And 40 people in the program ground lifted with 10k each while the 20 people that are going to win the 1milionaria each, they will be send a message to come over to their office for presentation. The Diamondxtra season 15 campaign will also be launched official in Abeokuta, Portharcourt, kano and Enugu State.

I Will like to start with our traditional Access Bank welcome, Access Warriors: Unbent, Unbroken. Today we are here to tell you guys that this year is going to be a wonderful year, we are starting this by launching it with this directorate and one of the things we are going to do today is that we are going to have an instant draw live here at this event as Bolarinwa is privileged. This is about 6:15P.M. as Bolarinwa have said we are launching this as we have rewarded about 3 ,000 to 6,000 customers with about N6.3Million but this year we will be rewarding 1,000 customers with about N135 Million and on this day all that we need to do is just N5,000.
That is, it as you do not have to do anything just open your account and the launching procedures are not in any way complicated as it is just very simple as with just N5,000 you have opened up an account. Before we leave this place, those that are still on there way if you ask me, I will say that they should not even come at all as they will make it almost impossible for others to win or to be eligible for the draws. Welcome to you all and this is the great start to the season as we move to all the geo-political zones on this campaign this is our own way of saying that we are telling the people that you are part of us and we appreciate you even beyond today just as always ,thank you very much.

As we have taken over you see people come for training and they do not even have the skill but It is very vital for you to survive in this particular scheme as it is vital. Am happy that Access Bank came into that initiative and so let us put our hands together for that.
We created a platform for this particular training and so the platform talks about 7 courses some of the following: introduction to Digital Marketing, Whatsapp marketing, twitter marketing, Midterm Marketing and all these things are very vital in this kind of age.
I can tell you for free that in a training centre that am aware of for each courses the trainings go for N300,000 to N600,000 and Access Bank took about 43 places in it. To have all this courses in place then we should learn to show some appreciation, please let us do appreciate.
Because of the things in built in you to survive and to know what is in vogue we have people that do freelances as most people do not wish to work in offices this days I do not really know why but this are the benefits that you want to use to enroll for this training after being a Diamond extra account holder. myself and my colleague we are here and are just seated at the bank and if you want to ask any questions, we are both l available for you as you might want to enroll, the good thing about this is that after the training you will be certificated and this recognizable anywhere.
This is the first regional centre to be first certified in Nigeria and so we are well recognized and if you do that training you will be well recognized even if you travel out of Nigeria. Myself and my colleague will be at the back and once you are ready for us you could meet up with us as we will be ready to put you through. You can do this training at your own pace as it is mobile telephony friendly ,you can do it on laptop and you can seat at home and do it at your convenience as nobody will rush you and you can do it on a round troll ,I also advise us to take good advantage of this training.

MRS SUZANNE ONWUKA, Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission [FCCPC] Healthy Office
What we are doing here today involves a major aspect of our business and that is the consumer protection section, when a blue-chip is like Access Diamond Bank is having an event like this the government wish to be sure that the brand will not in any way cheat the consumers. The government also wants to make sure that the agency will carry out their activities in a transparent and fair way, I want to commend access Bank over this scheme as it is a flagship project for them as they have been doing it always and we are monitoring it.
To the best of our knowledge we will say that this has so far being transparent in its approach, fair and everybody that has being in one way or the other wants something from any of this season will never have any complain of not receiving such gift or prize. The commission ensures that this program is registered also looks at the terms and conditions that are favourable to the consumers while at the same time ensure that they are adhered to and so we want everyone to feel free while participating in it.

At a time like this we must commend them for putting a smile on the consumers face against all odds as it is not easy as they are now recognizing there consumers we think that it is great effort being made ,so Access Diamond Bank Group ,we say kudos to you people as we pray that you will continue to soar high and put smiles in their faces.

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