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Denmark tightens border checks due to burning of Koran

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Travellers crossing Denmark’s borders with Germany and Sweden would continue to face ramped-up border checks for another week in the wake of recent Koran burnings and their security implications.

Denmark is extending its tightened border controls until at August 17, the Danish Ministry of Justice said on Wednesday.

The increased deployment of Danish police at the borders with Germany and Sweden began last Thursday.

“The recent Koran burnings are having an impact on the current threat level,” Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard said.

Several anti-Islamic protests involving the damaging and burning of the Koran in Sweden and Denmark have in recent month’s triggered protests in Muslim-majority countries and caused diplomatic troubles for the two Scandinavian nations.

The Koran burnings were carried out by small groups seeking to provoke Muslims.

The protests fall under freedom of speech in both countries and have therefore not been banned.

However, the governments in Copenhagen and Stockholm are now assessing the extent to which such actions can be legally prohibited in certain cases

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