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Hotels Are No Longer Safe for Lodging in Nigeria: 10 Tips to Save Your Life

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 Why is Nigeria so dangerous?

Nigerian hotels have recently had a number of unexplained death tolls. Hotel guests have expressed a great deal of dread and concern as a result of these instances, thus it’s crucial to take precautions to safeguard oneself. In this article, Nigeria Crime will give you some crucial security advice that can keep you secure while staying in a hotel in Nigeria.


Concern should be expressed over Nigeria’s rising number of mysterious hotel deaths. Many lodgers have passed away unexpectedly in their hotel rooms; some of these cases went to court, while others were covered up. There is no way to overstate how important it is for hotel guests to take the proper safety procedures. The risks associated with staying in a hotel must be understood, and the appropriate precautions must be taken to protect personal safety.

The Need to Be Safe While Staying at a Hotel in Nigeria

Everyone should put their safety first while staying in a hotel. No matter why you’re staying in a hotel, you must take the required security measures to protect yourself from theft, assault, and other criminal behavior. Here are some recommendations for being safe while residing in a hotel.

1. Knowing Your Hotel

Make sure to do your homework about the hotel before booking a reservation. Use caution when relying exclusively on a hotel’s website or description, which may provide only images. Examine the hotel’s past visitors’ reviews by taking the time to do so. To learn more about the hotel’s reputation, look for reviews and ratings online. Pay attention to any warning signs, such as complaints about poor security, theft, or other illegal activity. Additionally, look up the hotel’s location and how far it is from recognized dangerous neighborhoods.

2. Safety of the Room

Make sure your room is secure after choosing a hotel and checking in. Use security chains and deadbolts to deter trespassers. Keep your valuables in the room safe, if one is provided, or with the hotel staff. Search the area for any concealed cameras or other monitoring equipment that can jeopardize your privacy.

3. Personal safety

Be wary of disclosing personal information to strangers while staying in a hotel. Don’t divulge to strangers your room number, trip itinerary, or any other personal information. Be mindful of your surroundings and any potential dangers when enjoying hotel amenities like the gym or pool. Additionally, be aware of unauthorized visits to your room and always request identification before unlocking the door.

4. Emergency Preparedness in Nigerian Hotels

It is crucial to be ready and knowledgeable in case of an emergency. There are particular actions you can take while staying in a hotel to safeguard your safety in the event of an emergency.

5. Identify the locations of the emergency exits.

Learning the emergency evacuation routes is one of the most crucial things to do before checking into a hotel. In the event of a fire or other emergency, locate the closest fire exits and be familiar with how to use them. You can leave the hotel swiftly and safely by being aware of the emergency escape routes.

6. Make sure you are familiar with the hotel’s emergency protocols.

It’s crucial to be familiar with the emergency procedures specific to each hotel. Read the emergency action plan in your room for a while, and if you have any questions or concerns, ask the hotel personnel. You can maintain your composure and react effectively in an emergency by being aware of the emergency procedures.

7. Keep a list of emergency numbers nearby

The front desk of the hotel, regional emergency services, and your embassy or consulate are among the numbers you should keep handy in case of an emergency. Keep your phone close to you at all times and make sure it is fully charged.

8. Worker Safety

The team at the hotel is ready to help you and see to your comfort and security. It’s critical to respect them and alert hotel management to any suspicious activity. Keep in mind that leaving staff access doors open could jeopardize the hotel’s security.

9. Cybersecurity

It’s crucial to take extra care to safeguard your personal information when using a hotel’s internet connection. While using the hotel’s internet, use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your data and shield it from hackers. Avoid conducting important business via public Wi-Fi networks, such as online banking or shopping, as these networks are easily vulnerable to attack. As they can include malware or other harmful content, avoid clicking on strange links or emails.

10. Safety of Food and Drink

Another crucial factor to think about when staying at a hotel is the safety of the food and beverages. Avoid purchasing food from street vendors close to the hotel since it might not have been properly prepared or kept. Avoid eating expired or shady food, and exercise caution while ordering drinks at pubs and clubs. Never accept a drink from a stranger, and always keep an eye on your beverage.

 Cultural Sensitivity: It’s crucial to respect local traditions and customs when visiting Nigeria. To avoid insulting the locals, dress appropriately for the setting and occasion. Be aware of your conduct and behaviors while traveling, and do your research on regional customs and manners.


In order to stay safe while staying in hotels in Nigeria, one must be aware, prepared, and cautious. You may assist assure your safety and security during your visit by using the advice on this page.


What should I do if I sense that my hotel room is unsafe?

You should speak with the hotel administration right away if you feel endangered in your room. Call the police if you believe your life is in danger.

Is the hotel staff reliable?

Despite the fact that the majority of hotel workers are dependable, it’s crucial to use caution and keep your personal information private. Inform any questionable conduct to the hotel administration if you see it.

What actions should I take in the event of a fire or other emergency?

Know the hotel’s emergency procedures and the emergency exits. In case of an emergency, keep contact information handy and heed the hotel staff’s recommendations.

Can I eat on the streets near my accommodation in Nigeria?

If you must eat street food, be careful and make sure the food is properly prepared and not outdated. It is better to avoid street food vendors near hotels.

What negative effects result from disregarding hotel safety measures?

Neglecting hotel security measures can have dire repercussions, such as the loss of property, physical damage, and even death.

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