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Cultists kill man in Anambra market, flee with victim’s head

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IZUNNA OKAFOR, Awka reporting

In a horrifying turn of events, the Eke Awka market in Anambra State, today, witnessed a bloody confrontation between rival cult groups, the Baga and Aye, culminating in a gruesome murder of one.

Reports reveal that the victim, Igwe Omeli, believed to be a prominent figure in the Aye cult group, fell prey to the vicious assault carried out by the rival faction.

Shockingly, the assailants not only took a life but also brazenly fled the scene, absconding with the victim’s head, leaving the market rowdy and the traders engulfed in fear.

According to an unnamed source who claimed to be familiar with the matter, the clash was rooted in market politics and control, with Igwe Omeli being used by the Aye leadership to enforce compliance among the market members.

The source said the altercation between the Baga and Aye cult groups resulted in Igwe Omeli seeking refuge inside the market, attempting to rally his followers for support. Tragically, before his followers could act, he was captured and fatally attacked, including the mutilation of his body.

Confirming the incident to this reporter in a phone call, DSP Ikenga Tochukwu, the Police Public Relations Officer of the State Police Command, also attested that the suspects escaped with the victim’s head.

While assuring that the officers of the Command are currently present at the scene and are on top of the situation; the Police spokesperson further added that efforts were on top gear to apprehend the suspects involved in the incident.

Although, the clash has understandably caused fear and panic among market-goers, this reporter who visited the scene observed that some have begun returning to their shops as normalcy gradually returns

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