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Group alleges grand plot to assassinate Atiku, condemns attempted Boko Haram attack on his home

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Caption: • Atiku Abubakar

A non-governmental organisation, Face Of Waziri-Nigeria (FOWN), has described the recent attacks on the properties and businesses of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate in the last presidential election, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as a grand plot to assassinate him.

The group stated that way too many attacks on Atiku are targeted at debarring him from reclaiming the mandate rightfully handed àto him by Nigerians.

According to Mr. Bukky Adeniyi, FOWN’s Director-General in a statement issued on Monday, “the attempt on Atiku’s properties in Adamawa brings to the fore the fact that his good fortune at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal is already sending jitters down President Bola Tinubu’s spine.”

Adeniyi alleged that Tinubu’s covert moves to halt the wheel of justice having been exposed, speaks volumes of their resort to the assassination attempt and confrontation on Atiku.

He said: “We at Face of Waziri-Nigeria are not surprised by the turn of events seeing Atiku is etching closer to victory at the tribunal, the arson and clear assassination attempt on his life is the last cadre of onslaught.

“A group of people supposedly claimed to be terrorists planned an attack on Alhaji Atiku Yola Adamawa resident and his American Nigeria University and other establishments of Atiku in Adamawa state on Sunday night just yesterday.

“As much as we thank God that one suspect who confessed to having garnered fifteen years experience in Boko Haram camp, a 29 years old Jubrila Mohammed who allegedly hails from Dambua was arrested at night in front of Atiku residence gate and handed over to the police, his co-travelers namely one Ardo (leader), Mahmoud, Kachala, and Alayi Liman are now on the run.

“He also confessed that his mission was to bomb Lamido’s Palace Mosque, American Nigerian University AUN.

 “We must state clearly that, these simultaneous attacks on Atiku’s home, University, and other establishments of his in Yola were grand plots by the power that be to distract him from reclaiming his mandate at the tribunal and court.”

FOWN opined that the attacks were desperate moves to thwart justice and it will not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

“How do you justify a simultaneous planned attack of such on an individual, who is seen as the rightful winner of the presidential election and whose petition is gathering momentum everywhere in the country?

“We at Face Of Waziri-Nigeria are seeing the hand of Esau but hearing the voice of Jacob in this attack and we shall expose every move by the government to cover up this satanic attack on Atiku Abubakar’s life.

“We are much aware Atiku couldn’t sleep throughout last night due to the attack and remember, Atiku was attacked during the campaign in Borno, where many of his supporters were killed.

“There was a repeat of such incident in Adamawa state on Sunday very close to Borno axis this calls for one to be on red alert, we will not take this lying low, as a leopard they say never changes its spots.” FOWN boss added.

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