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Pronouncing Akeredolu dead satanic, says Olusola Oke

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By  Peter Dada

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State, Olusola Oke has called on the people of the state to continue praying for the ailing Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

Okey said rumours of Akeredolu’s death were satanic and should be ignored.

Akeredolu, who has proceeded on medical leave, had handed over to his Deputy, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, to act as the governor till he return.

To this end, many reports had surfaced on social media claiming that the governor had passed away but the reports had been found to be fake as the governor’s aides had refuted the reports, saying the governor was still alive.

Oke, in a statement issued on Thursday, described the various reports about the governor as satanic and warned those behind the reports to stop such rumours.

The statement was titled ‘Stop this satanic verse’.

It read, “The orchestrated rumour of the death of Governor Akeredolu by some political profiteers have become a grave concern to me and men and women of good conscience in Ondo state. In the past, I have ignored the tune as a mere political adventure but the latest version of the woven wicked rumours from their mill is satanic and totally inhuman.

“As mortals; we can fall ill. The governor, like any human being can fall ill. When illness comes, we seek medical treatment and take deserving rest. This the governor has done and is rapidly responding to treatment. Spreading serial orchestrated rumour through cloned media platforms to harass his family, admirers and the good people of Ondo State of his death is not only ungodly, but it also reveals the toxic wickedness and inhumanity in the minds and hearts of those behind the rumour mill.

“It is now realised that these deliberate cartels of rumour peddlers have made it a habitual trade to raise a false alarm about the death of the governor to cause panic, apprehension and tension in the state and beyond. Thank God, instead of morbid panic the people of the state have responded with prayers and empathy. Daily, they pray for the governor and God, the giver of life, has indeed stood by him, his family and his well-wishers.”

“The holy book has admonished us all to pray for those in positions of authority. The book probably saw in leadership positions salient burdens of leadership and the effects on their personal life.

“For those who took pleasure in the pains of others by deliberately manufacturing rumours of the death of others, let me remind them that God has recompense for those who assume His position. Life belongs to Him and Him only.”

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