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Why actors are stereotyped – Felix Omokhodion

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By  Kehinde Ajose

Actor, Felix Omokhodion has shed light on why actors are constantly stereotyped in Nollywood. He stated that it is because when an actor plays a particular role well, filmmakers will desire to cast the actor for similar roles.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “Actors are constantly stereotyped. I think it is because when an actor plays a character so good, most producers begin to cast the actor for similar roles thinking they are playing safe.

“However, the truth is that every good actor is capable of great range but because of budget constraint and limited time for production, producers don’t want to take the risk. Hopefully, things would get better as our industry keeps expanding and investors are beginning to believe in our work and the profit it can bring.”

He also spoke about his most memorable moment in the industry. He said,” My most memorable moment was when I won the Best Male Act at the Coal City Film Festival Awards 2023. This means a lot to me because usually, other awards would have one nominated and voting would commence, but this particular award was presented to me without all that. This means that the judges found me worthy of receiving it based on my performance in a movie and I hold that so dear to my heart.”

Furthermore, he said he has never regretted playing any role because he is always prepared. Speaking on the claim that filmmakers in Nollywood don’t do enough research, he said, ”I think it is relative. There are very detailed filmmakers who do proper research and the ones who do not. I think one will find that in every industry.”

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