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As the nation expects a transfer of baton of power from Muhammad Buhari to Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the 29th May 2023, jane Osamor in her exclusive interview with C.C.C. clergy , Dr. J.I surrey ; on his birthday as he sheds lights on current economic realities in the country viz-a-viz the offer efforts of transfer of powers easy clergy clocks 58th years, :excerpts.

Kindly introduce your self once again for public sake ?

I am assistant venerable supreme evangelist prophet Dr. J. I surrey. The shepherd in charge celestial church of Christ, Ashore center Parish One, information and transformation center, wonders both , Akute Ogun State,Nigeria.

Good afternoon and

congratulations sir, how do you feel as today is your birthday? Today is a special day because am celebrating my 58th birthday anniversary and the population as at today has also increased though today I am just marking it with a Thanksgiving and special offering, I am doing a dance offering to God almighty for honouring my years. The reasons are not far fetched he saved my life severally and has made me per comfortable and today am celebrating with members of my family fellow pastor and my church members

At what stage did you feel you did not just want to continue?

Things that I have seen that are not normal that I have seen this year that I said that this year I will not be contin with it, because all of my life I always strive to do the will of God as any negative steps that I might have taken or any form of bad attitude I stand in God’s will at all times, I am dedicated to God’s divine will at all times, I fellow his direction, voices and I worship my God in spirit and truth. So, I do not have any negative perception of anything that I can recall and this has been for years. I do not engage in adultery, fornication and any other thing that God says we most not indulged in.

This is a new beginning of jubilee, what should we be expecting from you?

Actually, what you should be expecting is simple and that is the fact that we should expect a lot of good things from me. I am willing to dish out the best of my ministry to the whole world so as to the will of God to preach the gospel and let people know that this is the way for the lord till eternity. Because if you have come into this world and you cannot gain eternity in the end then you are a failure. However, if you do the will of God, even you in your heart you will know that you have done well.

Sir, has we look forward to the 29th of May 29, 2023. As a new administration to be replacing that of Muhammad Buhari will be sworn in, what are your expectations?

My expectations concerning the new person that will take over from Buhari in government as it involves the president elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I can see that Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu got favoured by the almighty God to rule this country. God answers people prayers but we are all sinners as I do not think that anybody is a saint as Tinubu has found a lots of favour before God almighty. This May 29th, I expect Buhari to hand the government over to Bola Ahmed Tinubu and if he latter comes in and resume office as the president of Nigeria just as I have reviewed from God I know that thing’s will begin to change gradually for the better positively leading to the recovery from the wounds of our past.What about other aims of governments that will be sworn in, what will be your advice to them and the leaders that leads with bitterness or forgiveness?

We as clergy have all being praying for the nation for progress, so that God should take perfect control of our country,Nigeria. When Tinubu takes over the office as President let every elected and reelected public officials join hands together with him Bola Ahmed Tinubu to assist him in pulling the nation out of poverty. What we require as a nation is nothing but the truth as when you follow and do the will of God in line with his words to the latter then there is no way you will not get better results. We should bear it in mind that Tinubu cannot do it all alone but with others positive supports from the aims of government, because presently to the best of my knowledge it is like practically all elected public officials are not working. This days we see Governors at work but we do not see chairman of the local government area and the Councillor at work in the various communities. For people to come out publicly and say this is the work of our chairman LGA, this is what he has done for we are yet to see this either have we see what the Councillor have done. We are only focusing on the Governor alone and so let all the aims do this work whole heatedly with the truth being vital in it and then we can dream of seeing the new Nigeria.

Nigeria economy of today is falling apart, but we thank God for his grace and mercy that has being upholding the nation Nigeria as one but is there anything that you can chip in as our Naira current states shows a regime of inflation, fuel remain unstable, banking woes of Nair swap, what have you heard from God that could bring a change?

All this questions your raising now , the moment the newly elected president comes into office and all our legislative officers resume work then the nation will start working again. I am aware that the Christian and the Muslim in the land are in session of very serious prayers and it is the prayers of this people that have held this nation together. If not there will be no peace as we speak God is really in control of Nigeria, God is answering our prayers in Nigeria and if God is doing so, then everything is possible.

Because as I have earlier on said God has being showing me some of this things from as far as 2015. God me in a vision that Nigeria is going to become like London, America. And I am stil looking forward to that vision to become a reality immediately Buhari leaves office and hands over 9 Tinubu I can assure you that there will be changes. Anyone of them comes to office will lead to changes, if it is Atiku that is there will be changes, if it is Obi there will be changes and I think people will now have a rest of mind. At that time everything will be okay, the economy will be stabilized, smuggling will be tacked, patrol prices will come down, utilities bill prices will crash,”so on my opinion I will say that it is a gradual process.

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