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Dame Elizabeth Anionwu On African Attire

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The woman in African attire with a head tie is Dame Elizabeth Anionwu, an inspiring woman who is a professor of nursing. She came to look for her biological father in Nigeria at her adult age. She grew up being abused as a young woman by her white stepfather, married to her white mother. She was put in a care home, and she achieved success. She met her father at a later age. Her father was Lawrence Anionwu, the first permanent secretary of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the First Ambassador to Italy. Despite that, she was placed in care, and her stepfather abused her because of her colour. She is proudly a Professor Emeritus, Dame, and CBE. She is always proud to be associated with Nigeria. Today at King Charles’ coronation, she was nominated to carry the king’s gold orb, and she represented the NHS. She is an accomplished professor emeritus.

She wrote the book Dreams From My Mother which is an inspiring story about childhood, race, identity, family, friendship, hope and what makes us who we are.

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