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Sudan crisis. Alex Onyenma at the rescue again

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Alex Onyenma the CEO of Air Peace has offered to evacuate Nigerians stranded in Sudan. This is why sometimes we need to be wary of our ethnic profiling towards tribes. Alex is an Igbo by tribe but Nigerian by heart.

He his not a politician neither has he lobby for any political positions or slot for himself. A proud Igbo man who is always rescuing his own Nigerian people no matter the tribe or religion they come from.

In Sudan, the large number of Nigerians studying there are mostly Hausa Children from the north and few Yorubas, no Igbo man is there. But Despite the discrimination against his Igbo brothers in the election.

Mr Alex is voluntarily using his own money and investment to help his own Nigerian people without the assistant of Buhari government you voted for. Mr Alex doesn’t select Hausa or yourba people just the way selfish politicians deprived other tribe from voting their choice because his or her is Igbo.

But with large numbers of rich people in Hausa land and Yorubas political positions who are fighting igbos and burning Thier shops because they vote against their slave masters. non of them have offered to help or assist their own people in Sudan except Alex Onyenma.

Those politicians who lied that igbos want to collect their land in Lagos but yet they can’t rescue their people in another man’s land.

Mr Alex did it in south Africa now his doing it again in Sudan for the love of his country without discrimination if you are Igbo Hausa or Yoruba.

He never selected any tribe who will board the plane rather every Nigerian will benefit from his rescue mission the same way he did in South Africa.

But the politicians you killed your self for by depriving other tribe from voting their choice have close deaf hears to rescue your people.

This should tell you never to see a tribe as bad people simply because of some selfish politicians who want to remain in power just to end slave you.

May God bless Alex Onyenma for proving to other selfish politicians that no matter their evil ways igbos are kind heated people despite the wound created by them .

God bless everyone that read this and God bless you for not supporting bad leaders in Nigeria

Comrade Levite Akpan

Human rights activists

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