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Re- Policemen caught on viral video tape in Agbarho

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While the actions of the Policemen who assualted the woman in Agbarho was excessive, and has been outrightly condemn by the command and the force management, it is also important to give details of the incident as some media houses have been requesting. On 22nd March, 2023, one Thankgod James reported that the said woman smashed his vehicle windscreen and assaulted him, on the strength of this report, a woman police was sent to invite her, the suspect became aggressive assaulted the woman police, tore her clothes, so the policewoman called for reinforcement, when the reinforcement arrived, the woman again poured a pot of soup on one of the Policemen even while on uniform. Visuals are attached below. While condemning the actions of the Policemen, and as the command have assured members of the public that they will be duly sanctioned, it’s also important for members of the public to behave themselves, and exercise retrain when interfacing with the Police.

DSP EDAFE bright

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