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IWD: There is Creativity, Uniqueness In Every woman……Iyalaje Oodua, Princess Toyin Kolade

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By Jane Osamor

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Distinguished business woman and Iyalaje Oodua, Princess Toyin Kolade has advocated more respect for women in the society going by the input the gender has contributed to the development of the world. In her word,The core relevance of women is undeniable as they are the bedrock of every prosperous and healthy society. For many years, women have been at the fore of innovations, inventions, research, and development, thereby contributing their quota to the achievement of a nearly-perfect world.
However, there is a need for more representation of women in different positions of decision and policymaking to achieve a world that is encompassing in its form and kind.

Often than not, women’s progress in their career journey is inhibited by the stereotype of gender superiority, such they face prejudice in a male-dominating industry or craft.

Although the narrative is beginning to change, as women today, now assume positions like the Chief Executive Officer of companies, leader of parliaments, president of a country, many need to be done in trusting the initiative of women towards sustainable development.

Today, there is a paradigm shift from what women are perceived as (minnows) to their exuberance in creativity and uniqueness. This then aligns with the cliché “what a man can do, a woman can do better”.
Women don’t exist to just live at the mercy of others, there is a latent potential in us to steer the wheel of the world to peace, tranquility, and growth. So, we are no longer a spectator sitting at the sideline to watch, we are game players working in our different clime of purpose to bring forth our dexterity to the fortune of the world.

Women are brave. Women are tenacious. Women are intuitive. Women are important in all walks of life.
To this end, be proud of who you are because you are an amazon in your fold.

Women are gold!!!

Happy International Women’s Day

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