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The Yoruba Council Worldwide (Igbimo Apapo Yoruba Lagbaye); being the apex Yoruba indigenous organisation laconically frowned at the ill-motivated and criminally seditious comments made by the Chairman of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Council of Elders, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu deliberately calculated at ridiculing the Yoruba race.

We are inundated with calls and concerns on the part of his statement especially when he exclaimed and threatening to deal with us-YORUBA in their usual manner.

Inevitably by this singular pervasive evil acts, we are suspicious of a repetition of another #Endars scenerio that left behind tales of woes, deaths, massive destructions of lives and properties, regrettably we have come to a conclusion that his statement is a directive for commencement of brutal genocidal acts of ethnic cleansing in Lagos State and by extension other parts of Yoruba Land at large in Nigeria.

Chief Iwuanyanwu deliberately made this spurious and devilish comment ridiculing the Yoruba race in Awka, Anambra State last Saturday at the celebration of the one year anniversary of Professor Charles Soludo as the Executive Governor of Anambra State.

While we are aghast to note with full knowledge of Chief Iwuanyanwu’s discreet ploy to cause ethnic tensions and unabated attrition, by hiding under a decoy of condemning individuals fuelling ethnic baiting in Lagos State, where he described we Yorubas as “political rascals”,

However, as usual Chief Iwuanyanwu pretentiously said there was no war between the Igbo and the Yoruba in the state, however he was fully aware of the age-long evil machinations to invade and grab the political power base of Yoruba Land- Lagos State.

We witnessed round of spiral attacks from the Igbos residing and trading in Lagos with false ideology chorus cliams of “Lagos is a No Man’s Land”.

The media was awash with serial deadly venomous comments by some Igbo kinsmen to burn down Lagos; especially as recently made by the Labour Party Gubernatorial Candidate in Lagos State, Mr Patrick Rhodes Vivour aftermath of the 18th March Gubernatorial election.

We hereby reiterate unequivocally in strict terms in same vein to condmn in it’s entirety the obnoxious cliams by another Igbo clan: Chief Ezeife, whose illicitly audacious comments not recognizing the President-Elect is tantamount to treasonable felony.

The worst of this relish of evil ploy to distabilizing and causing civil war in Nigeria is the recent statements at various points in time made before and after the Elections by the duo of Mr Peter Obi, LP Presidential candidate.

Most dangerously treasonable comment made on a live broadcast on Channels TV by the Vice Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, “Dis-honorable”, Yakubu Datti’s criminal statement of threatening the symbol of authority and sitting President of Nigeria, Rtrd. Major General Muhammadu Buhari not to democratically transit and peacefully hand over power to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the 16th newly elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on May 29, 2023, while intentionally calling on the CJN not to equally administer oath of office, with a caveat that if the swearing-in goes on unstopped will amount to be situation of a complete act of military coup d’etat and forceful take over of power capable of ending Nigeria’s democracy, while they have equally mobilized unsuspecting Nigerians to cause premeditated riots and protests, despite being at the tribunal court (Subjudice).

Undoubtedly, the 2023 General Elections conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is legitimate, free, fair and credible electioneering process despite it’s little human errors and technical hitches, wherein LP Scored over 6Million Votes which conspicuously delivered Senators and Reps-Elects Members waiting to be sworn-in at the 10th Assembly, only to turn around to castigate and condemning the whole process because they(LP) came out distant third after PDP’s candidate and former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

It is on record, as we write their has never been any contradictory media Report of any discordance, differences nor discrepancy as at date on all uploaded polling unit’s results by INEC via IREV Portal, despite not immediately uploaded on 25th February, 2023 due to deliberate attempted cyber attacks by hackers, but ultimately INEC fulfilled her statutory mandates.

This are all grand plans to realize the earlier Intel issued recently by the DSS that some political disgruntled elements are hellbent scheming and working assiduously day and night to truncate our hard earned democracy abruptly.

We equally note with utter dismay that Chief Iwuanyanwu said “Igbos are in Nigeria (Lagos) and have invested in Nigeria. “Our investments are so much. We are not going to take the pressure of people telling us to go. We are not going anywhere”.

This statement is absolutely ridiculous, misleading, deceitful, crude, absurd and vague as if it is only Igbo investors we have in Lagos and Nigeria, whereas they(Igbos) are enjoying economic prosperity undeterred without any form of interference, while the government and the good people of Lagos State accommodated Igbos and other tribes from all parts of the world without no exceptions.

We stand to be corrected that Chief Iwuanyanwu is very much aware in his right senses to have made such vexatious statement as follows that:
“I want to tell those in Lagos to realise that there is no war between us (Igbo) and Yoruba. They are just political rascals, and we’re going to handle them.”

Consequently, we hereby call on all the Law Enforcement Agency most importantly the DSS to immediately arrest Chief Iwuanyanwu and others involved in this heinous dastardly crimes of war mongering and treason.

We use this medium to warn all our Igbo brothers and sisters, while calling on the Ohaneze Ndigbo leaders to thread cautiously and not to insult the Yoruba.

We are a proud Omoluabi (virtues, integrity and honour) of well educated intellectuals and intelligent minds.

We are a tolerant, accommodating and most outstanding hospitable race on earth, but we don’t take nonsense.

All these good humanely gestures should not be interpreted to mean weakness or timidity.

In fact, it is a sign of being civilized. Enough of the untamed provocation and juandise rascality in our land.

As we await absolute remorseful and unreserved apology via media broadcast address from Chief Iwuanyanwu and others, we call on all Yoruba to remain un-hostile, calm, peaceful and loving to our Igbos brethrens and every other Nigerians.

Nigeria is blessed with diverse culture is not a mistake by God’s own creation, we are one people under one nation and one divine God.

The Yoruba Nation have gotten unbroken long history of relationships with the Igbos and other tribes via marital, business, social affinity and partnerships.

Our diversity is one of Nigeria’s strengths in the comity of nations and we should not allow politics, religion , ethnicity or anything else to divide us.

We urge all Yoruba to continue to relate well with all other ethnic groups in Nigeria and abroad, while we appeal for equal reciprocity too.

We use this medium to call Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Pa Ayo Adebanjo to order not to overheat the polity with their unpleasant, unguarded and inflammatory public remarks, capable of fanning more embers of discords.

Hence, we place them and alongside other media outfits like Arise TV Anchor Rufai Oseni and his co-pilots to stop all forms of provocative innuendos and uncouth media broadcasts spreading lies like wild fire.

We therefore reaffirm that Lagos is part of Yoruba Land, moreso we love and push peace only to those that reciprocate same.

Nigeria is still our only country and we pray for her unhindered unity, peace and development.


Aare Oba Oladotun Hassan, President, Yoruba Council Worldwide.
27th March, 2023.

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